open interviews

What Are Open Interviews & How Do They Work

 What are open interviews? Candidates meet with hiring managers at open interviews, which are also commonly referred to as walk-in interviews. As applicants arrive, employers conduct interviews with them, and frequently make hiring decisions immediately following the meeting. A small proportion of candidates may be asked to return for a

Text Message

How To Text Message Recruit People

How to recruit people using text messages When you’ve decided to implement text recruiting, following these steps can increase your campaign’s effectiveness and the quality of the responses you receive. Pick a good time to send your text messages It’s usually not a good idea to send your candidates any

Checklist For A Board Meeting

Checklist For A Board Meeting

Board meeting preparation checklist To get ready for a board meeting you’re running, use this checklist to determine your steps leading up to it.  Send out notice of the meeting  Make sure to notify those involved in the meeting days in advance. If you don’t have an exact date or