10 Highest Paying Jobs that are Least Stressful

10 Highest Paying Jobs that are Least Stressful

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What do Consultant, Marine Engineer, and Dietitians have in common? Their jobs are among the least stressful of occupations according to Salary Explorer.  And it comes as no surprise that six out of ten highest paying stress-free jobs fall in the math and science fields.

Check out the list of 10 highest paying jobs that are least stressful.

University Professor or Lecturer

Annual Income: RM 53,443

What they do: University lecturer’s main duties are teaching, assisting, researching and supervising student’s classroom discussion. They are not required to be on campus if there is no class scheduled, which makes the job more relaxed in terms of working hours. This occupation is not only a respectable profession, it is highly paid as well.

Academic Qualification: Master Degree /PhD

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Quality Manager

Annual Income: RM 71,935

What they do: As suggested by the title, a Quality Manager’s role is to assure the quality of an organisation’s production procedure, both internally (through management) and externally (customer relations). Their job revolves around examining and improving the overall standards of the products or services offered by the company.

Academic Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in engineering, business or a science-related field

The Importance of Service Quality | A Quality Management System in Service  Industries - Smithers


Construction and building inspectors

Annual Income: RM 102,874

What they do: Construction and Building Inspectors work alongside with the on-site workers to inspect and ensure the building compliance based on the local and international requirements. The areas of inspection consist of materials quality, wiring installation, plumbing system, and other engineering works.

Academic Qualification: High School qualification

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Annual Income: RM 68,059

What they do: The role of a pharmacist is vital to any healthcare centres or clinics as it involves the pharmacological management. Pharmacists are those who process prepare the medications following the doctor’s prescription for the patients as well as monitor their medical records. Besides, pharmacists also provide medical advice related to the patient’s condition.

Academic Qualification: Master’s Degree in Pharmacy

Free Photo | Young woman pharmacist at pharmacy



Annual Income: RM 111,001

What they do: The demand for specialised consultants is always high across various industries. Due to their in-depth knowledge and niche experience in a certain field, consultants are the go-to profession for valuable advice and direction that a company should follow. It can be anything from marketing strategies to technological applications, basically, the services that are not available in-house.

Academic Qualification: Qualification in professional consulting

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Annual Income: RM 48,000

What they do: Dietitian design healthy eating schedule for their patients to match with their medical treatment while promoting effective diet programmes based on the nutrition science.

Academic Qualification: Degree in Nutrition and Dietetic  

Dietitian or Nutritionist | Science & Engineering Career


Quality Control Analyst

Annual Income: RM 30,980

What they do: Despite the similar job title to the quality managing job, quality control analysts are those who work in research laboratories. They are in charge of assessing the safety standards during all experimental procedures as well as the quality of the materials and equipment.

Academic Qualification: Degree in Quality Assurance, Quality Management or related field

Relationship Manager

Annual Income: RM 59,048

What they do: Served as the connecting point between a company and the public, including existing clients and business partners, relationship managers play an important role in any organisation. They also ensure proper communication internally. 

Academic Qualification: Degree in Communications

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Marine Engineer

Annual Income: RM 73,250

What they do: Marine engineers are the masterminds behind the manufacturing of waterborne vehicles, from designing, inspecting to maintaining the technical requirements to ensure their functionality.

Academic Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Engineering

Marine Technology/Engineering: Masters - School of Engineering - Newcastle  University


Financial Controller

Annual Income: RM 178,610

What they do: Finance is an integral part of all corporations, hence the importance of a financial controller’s role. Their job is to manage the financial operating procedures such as auditing, reporting, budgeting, and risk management.

Academic Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Business Administration

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