3 Biggest "Follow Your Passion" Myths Debunked

3 Biggest “Follow Your Passion” Myths Debunked

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I am a big believer in the “follow your passion” mantra, but here’s the lesson that I’ve learned the hard way: just because you are passionate about something doesn’t mean you can turn it into a fulfilling career without putting in extra efforts.  

If you are still dwelling on the fantasy of getting a big reward for chasing after your dream job, it’s time to reflect on the reality.

These are the biggest myths about passion and dream job.

Myth #1: Having a passion will ensure success

It takes serious dedication and proper planning to achieve any career goal. Success does not come with a passion by default. Keep in mind that knowing what you want to do and what you can do are two distinctive things. There is no use in pushing yourself for an unobtainable goal just because everyone else seems to be doing it. It’s not what you do that matters but WHY you do it.

Don’t let the other people’s ideas of a dream job blindfold you. All career paths are unique in their own ways, you may not enjoy the view if you climb the wrong career ladder. Before you decide to follow your passion, make sure that it’s not influenced by the noises around you. Otherwise, chasing after a vague dream won’t lead you anywhere.

Understanding your capability will also help you design a concrete plan for growth, for example, if you need to upgrade a certain skill to stay competitive. There will always be hiccups along the way, be it the ever-evolving working environment, the 50 shades of co-workers or the tumbling industry, so you need the essential skills and mindset to stay on track. That’s when your passion really makes a difference, it’s the fuel that will keep you moving forwards the end-goals.

Myth #2: If you are passionate about something, you should make a living out of it

I once decided to become a freelance writer as a sheer determination to follow my passion for writing. There are countless of bloggers who are generating a huge income from blogging, so can I!

Reality slowly hit as I struggled to meet the deadlines from a pool of clients just to make ends meet. I was completely burned out and the initial passion had become a burden. I just want to tell you that having a passion about something doesn’t mean you can immediately make it a full-time career, at least not until you have the sufficient skill set to actually get the jobs done well.

Passion itself is not a career, the right question that you should ask yourself is: “What kind of job that will allow me to live my passion?”

Use these simple equations to work out your career plan:

Interest + Determination = Passion

Passion + Skills = Sucess

Passion is simply a hobby that keeps your life purposeful and it is a must-have ingredient for success.

Myth #3: With passion, you don’t have to work a day in your life

Although this belief is true to a certain level, a rewarding career is never a straight line. With every job comes countless of challenges, think toxic working environment, low salary, or bad colleagues, how would you deal with those external factors? Passion can only push you so far, what about the disappointment and failure that may come your way? Your attitude is everything if you want to overcome those obstacles.

Don’t be too strict on yourself even if you fail. Don’t be afraid to embrace new opportunities as you move forward. It’s absolutely okay to discover a new path because passion doesn’t have to be permanent. A satisfying career is made of many elements.

To keep the flame alive, you need to constantly remind yourself of your purpose. If you are able to see the bigger picture of your career goals, you will be able to omit the factors that may distract you from moving forward. As for me, I always keep in mind why I want to pursue a writing career – to write a book that encourages lifelong learning among young people.

On top of all that, don’t forget to enjoy every second of your job and don’t settle for anything that doesn’t bring you happiness!

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