New Year’s Resolutions: What You Can Do to Accomplish Your Goals

New Year’s Resolutions: What You Can Do to Accomplish Your Goals  

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As a ritual, with every new year comes a list of new goals to start things fresh. However, there are only 8% of people who actually complete their New Year’s resolutions, so what are their secrets?

One of the main reasons behind the failure to stick to a new year’s resolution is the lack of practicality. I have heard about saving money but never got to know the exact amount (and the actual financial plan); I have also heard about hitting the gym but never saw the work-out schedule. If you are making one, don’t forget to have a concrete plan for all of your goals.


Before setting up new goals for 2017, let me share with you this fact: The motto “New Year, New Me” is too often perceived wrongly because a new year doesn’t come with a reset button. It’s entirely up to you to do things differently and you can even start the self-revolution right now.

Here are the ultimate resolutions for the best year ever!

Shoot for the moon, conquer one star at a time

You can always dream big, but when it comes to setting a goal, it is more important to be realistic. One of the most effective ways to determine your goals is by assessing your actual capability beforehand. It helps you to see where you are standing as well as assists you in designing an actionable plan to fulfil your resolutions.

To avoid quitting mid-way, it is best to ask yourself why those goals matter to you and how would your life be improved once you have achieved them. Note that a spontaneous bucket list shouldn’t interfere with your New Year’s resolutions.

Establish a concrete plan

The success formula is made of smart strategies and plans. Making a list is only the beginning, what matters most is how you are going to accomplish them.

Let’s say you aim to pick up a new language, try to test your current level to assess your proficiency first. After that, you can decide whether you should teach yourself or sign up for a language course. Next, organise an actual study schedule and integrate that timetable to your daily work or school calendar so that you won’t forget about it.

A rule of thumb is to make sure that you are aware of the challenges to obtaining the goals as well as other necessary requirements (such as potential investment or assistance). Only then, you will be able to keep your resolutions progressing throughout the year.

Don’t expect too much and track your progress consistently

No matter what your resolutions are, don’t stress yourself out over achieving them even if you may get off track. As an old adage goes, success is not a destination but a journey itself, which means you should take it slow but steady and be satisfied with every achievement along the way.

There will be many (unexpected) things happen in a year, so distractions are inevitable. In order to stick to your end goals, just be sure to set your prioritisation straight and have a detailed plan to achieve them. You can’t conquer the mountain without climbing it.

Here’s to a successful New Year for everyone!

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