6 Ways to Spread Good Vibes at Work

6 Ways to Spread Good Vibes at Work

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“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.”

β€” Les Brown

Question, how do you maintain positivity at work whilst manoeuvring through deadlines, meetings, phone calls, bosses, colleagues, clients and the commute? Is it enough to check your emotions as they happen or does spreading good vibes require more effort?

Here are six ways to help you spread good vibes in your workplace.

Use Magic Words Often

In our daily correspondence and dialogue at work, we sometimes forget to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Remembering to use the ‘magic words’ we were taught as children can help to spread good vibes in the office.

This is a perfect time to try switching up your language too. Being mindful of the words you chose to describe an instance at work can make a difference. For example, instead of saying we’ve got a ‘problem’, say ‘our challenge is to…’


Acts of Kindness

Has there been a cloud of negativity following you around lately? Instead of focusing on what is wrong, do something nice for someone else instead. Did a colleague have a particularly bad start to their day? Treat him/her to breakfast. Buy an extra cup of coffee at your favourite coffee place and offer it to your teammate or pay the toll road fee for the car behind yours – all you need is thought and effort.

Pay It Forward

As American automotive executive, Lee Iacocca, once said, β€œthe thing that lies at the foundation of positive change, the way I see it, is service to a fellow human being.” Get your colleagues together and decide on how you want to give back to society. Keep in mind that no deed is too small. Volunteer within your means.

If you’d like to pay it forward in person, consider joining the Street Feeders of KL. The group of like-minded people reach out to and feed the homeless of the city fortnightly. Send your emails to info@streetfeeders.com to find out how you can make a meaningful contribution to the cause.


Ready, Set, Desk Magic!

It is time to work on your desk decor. Your surroundings can affect your positivity levels throughout the work day. Consider getting a plant or terrarium, displaying photos, knick-knacks or fun stationery. The point here is to have something that puts a smile on your face daily. You could also decorate based on a colour theme, like Greenery (Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017) for example.

Bring On The Laughs

The relationships you foster at work are important. How else are you going to make it through the days if you don’t have at least one colleague who can relate to your situation, be a sounding board, offer advice or direction?

However, note that there are different approaches to building relationships with colleagues. While some are happy to be open, others are more reserved and some are determined to keep their work and personal life separate. In any case, share a laugh with a colleague and feel the stress melt away sooner rather than later.

Check Yourself

When you are cultivating these work relationships – do so with good intentions. Leave the mind games behind, avoid gossiping and manipulation. If your day includes tearing someone else down in a non-professional manner, to be liked or with ulterior motives – you may want to rethink your choices.

β€œAny job has its good points and bad, but focusing on the negatives promises only a sour experience. Making an effort to zero in on the pleasures (however hard to find) can make most jobs tolerably sweet.”

β€” Janice Kaplan, The Gratitude Diaries: How A Year of Living Gratefully Changed My Life

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