35 Questions to Ask Before Relocating for a Job

35 Questions to Ask Before Relocating for a Job

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Relocating for a terrific new position can bring about a tornado of emotions.

It’s exhilarating, daunting and serious.

Serious enough that while you consider the benefits of relocating for a job, you may end up staying put. (Because, life) But, is it enough to stick with the devil you know (aka your current job) or would you opt for change?

Then the “what ifs” hit you…

What if they decide you’re not right for the role after you’ve been there for a few months?

What if you lose your significant other or all your friends?

What if you don’t make any new friends?

What if you end up hating everything about the new place?

It’s a huge decision. Preparing for the best and worst case scenarios should ideally include asking yourself (and the rest of your family members, if they’re moving with you) some very tough questions.


Single? 13 questions to answer before you say yes to your new address:

  1. Have I weighed the pros and cons?
  2. Do I know everything I need to know about the job?
  3. What kind of financial shape is the company in?
  4. How have others handled the transition?
  5. What will the day-to-day be like?
  6. Have I done my homework on the new city, the new job, and the new company?
  7. Can I visit or stay beforehand?
  8. Can I envision myself learning and advancing my career with this new job?
  9. Will  I be able to make new friends easily?
  10. Will starting work and living in the new city provide me with better opportunities than what I currently have?
  11. What are the benefits of relocating for this job? Do they outweigh the obstacles?
  12. How strong is the employment market? (you need assurance that you’d be marketable in that city)
  13. Who will pay for my relocation expenses?


Married? With Kids? 13 questions to suss out if the move will be a hit or a miss:

  1. Have I talked to my family about what they want?
  2. Have I spent enough time in this new city or town, and is this community the right place for my family and me?
  3. How will this affect my relationship?
  4. Is my significant other on board and where will he or she work?
  5. Are the kids at an age that’s suitable for readjustment? (Ideally, before they start school)
  6. Will the culture of the new company (and new city) be a good match for me and my family?
  7. Where will my kids go to school? Does the school system have a good reputation?
  8. What is the neighborhood like?
  9. Will my family be happy in this new place?
  10. Does my package include health coverage for the whole family?
  11. How is the local economy like?
  12. What is there to do in a new city besides work?
  13. Have I done thorough research on daycare, health care, communities and religious institutes in the area?


More crucial questions to answer:

  1. Why am I relocating?
  2. Do I handle change well?
  3. What am I leaving behind?
  4. Will I need to learn a new language?
  5. Which currency am I being paid in?
  6. What other forms of support will I have?
  7. How does the future of the company and this position look like?
  8. What’s my backup plan if things don’t work out?
  9. What is the cost of living like in this new city? Can I afford to live in the new city and still save some money?


To gain better insight, we asked a couple of our expat friends what they took into consideration before relocating to Malaysia for work. Here’s what they had to share.


“I took into consideration the employer – both in terms of the company as a whole and the individuals. The local culture, work environment, climate and general environment, the social/leisure aspects, the pay and benefits and timescale of my contract.

I also thought about whether the job fitted in with my wider career ambitions. I did not have to consider other people’s situations so much as I was moving on my own. Nevertheless, the ability to see my family back home was important so I had to ensure that I would have adequate leave available.”

— Aryo, Scientist, United Kingdom


“What helped me decide was if the company provided me with a visa, the pay and benefits offered, like medical care for example. I spoke to my friends about it and I also looked for central areas where other expats were living.”

— Nour, Mobile Developer, Syria 


“The food and the country’s welcoming culture. ”

— Ahmed, Web/UI Developer, Yemen


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IP Network Engineer (Operations), Singapore

Client Service Executive, Singapore

Medical Doctor, Shanghai, China

Sales Executive, Singapore


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