5 Ways Books Can Change Your Life

5 Ways Books Can Change Your Life

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Books are the true wonders.

Before there was the Internet, the world we have come to know of was portrayed only through words.

Can you imagine life without books? A mere vision of it is just terrifying. We would have no medium to share our ideas or to record historical discoveries, and we wouldn’t even be exposed to reading, let alone acquiring knowledge. The spread of information would also be limited to only a small society. Which means there would be no human progress without the existence of books.  

Books carry the power that goes beyond the sphere of knowledge. They can change our lives if we let them.

Here are 5 ways books can change our lives for the better.

Books open up your mind

We all have our own opinions on things. No one can ever be 100% sure that his or her idea is better than others’, especially when the subject matter is a shared concern.

Your perception of the world is most likely moulded from what you’ve experienced personally. The lack of reading will set a limit to your mindset, especially when it comes to behavioural and cultural understanding.

Every book that you read will give you a different way of thinking about a certain topic. You can also learn to accept and respect each other’s point of view.

Books connect people

Remember the classic love story between Beauty and the Beast? Yes, it sprang from their shared passion for reading.

While it takes time to build relationships, creating a connection can be very simple. It only takes a book title (literally) to start a conversation. Try asking, “Have you read [book name]?” the next time you want to talk to someone.

Whether you want to recommend the book to that person or to discuss the stories with him or her, just make sure that you are genuinely interested in the book.

Books help improve your communication skills

Not even a native speaker is a master of the language that he or she speaks, especially when it comes to self-expression. It’s not just about building vocabulary (that’s one of the benefits of reading books too), the way a person conveys an idea also makes a whole lot difference.

You can make an influence on people through effective communication just like how books inspire readers to take action (that will make a change). It’s possible to learn how an author delivers the book’s message through his or her writing.

Reading books improves your concentration

When you indulge in a good book, it’s almost impossible to put it down. Your mind will be transported to the world that only exists in between those pages. There is nothing else that pervades your presence except for the curiosity of what will happen when you turn to the next page. So by cultivating a reading habit, you simultaneously train your brain to focus.

Reading is pure pleasure and it helps reduce stress

Yes, there are TVs and smartphones to keep you entertained. But when it comes to stress relief, nothing can beat a good book. Regardless of what you read, books help you stay unplugged from work when you need to and help you de-stress more effectively than other forms of entertainment.

When you are completely immersed in the literary world, you essentially live in the characters’ lives. And if you read a book that reflects yourself, well, you will certainly have something figured out by the time you finish reading. Whether it’s a challenge at work, a flaw in your relationships or even a confession that you can’t toss out, reading books (the right ones) will help you find the answers to almost everything.

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Let’s celebrate this year’s World Book Day (23rd April 2017) by sharing your top favourite books with us in the comments below!

Don’t know where to start? Here’s our first recommendation to inspire your reading list:

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth

This book explores the secret to success: it is a combination of passion and persistence that Angela Duckworth defines as “grit”.



Listen to her story from this powerful TED Talks:

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