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10 Working Moms Who Will Inspire Your Mother’s Day

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In the past, the pressure of having kids forced women to sacrifice their careers in order to fulfill the vocation of motherhood. Today, raising a family while navigating a career has become the status quo among working women. They are expected to excel in both roles and yet, receive less recognition at work as compared to their male counterpart.

We would like to honor motherhood by empowering all mothers to live their lifelong dreams, whether it’s a career passion or personal pursuit of happiness.

Here is the list of the world’s most powerful working mums (source) to inspire your Mother’s Day:

Hillary Clinton

She is a former Secretary of State and the Democratic nominee for President of the USA, but more than anything, she is also a mother. Hillary Clinton puts domestic issues, especially parenting, as the main focus in everything she does. Much as we truly respect her devotion to the public welfare as a politician, we also admire the love that she gives to her daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

Raising a family shouldn’t prevent anyone from furthering their own education, starting a business, or following their dreams. – Hillary Clinton

Indra Nooyi

The public praises Indra Nooyi as one of the most inspiring immigrant success icons. Despite her outstanding career as the CEO of PepsiCo, Nooyi still has to juggle her professional life and motherhood just like anyone else. Even with her iron will, building a career while raising her two children was a bittersweet journey. From her own struggles, she strived to assist other parents to lessen their burdens by suggesting that PepsiCo build a daycare centre on its campus, offering care for all of the employees’ children

Sheryl Sandberg

There are not many leaders who stand up for women’s empowerment as much as Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO. She has always been the top voice for women who desire to thrive while being a wife and a mother. After the sudden death of her husband, Sandberg took her painful experience as a single mum to an open letter that she published on Facebook. She encourages all of us to care for not only our mothers but also for those who have lost their pillars of strength.

As we rightly celebrate motherhood, we should give special thanks to the women who are raising children on their own. And let’s vow to do more to support them, every day.  – Sheryl Sandberg

Melinda Gates

Together with her husband Bill Gates, Melinda Gates has changed millions of lives through the charity program Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. One would think that it’d be a lot of pressure being married to the richest man in the world, but that’s not the case for Melinda Gates. She chose to share her fortune with those in need and raised her children like any ordinary family.

Always find that place inside of other people where you can connect. I think that’s something that we talk about a lot in our home and live out. Kindness and respect. – Melinda Gates

Michelle Obama

We are not exaggerating when we say that Michelle Obama is one the most adored First Ladies of the United States. She is not only the driving force behind Barack Obama’s presidency, she is also a marvellous mother. Generations of girls and women were inspired by Michelle Obama to become whoever they aspire to be.

And being a professional made me a better mother, because by pursuing my dreams, I was modeling for my girls how to pursue their dreams. – Michelle Obama

Christine Lagarde

Being the first female leader of the International Monetary Fund is an extraordinary job. But Christine Lagarde approached motherhood with the mindset: “you must accept there will be failure”. One of her advice for young people to pursue their careers is to find strong role models. And that’s exactly how she is as a mother to her sons – an influential leader who constantly challenges herself to change the world.

Irene Rosenfeld

Irene Rosenfeld is the woman who made Oreos, Trident, and Ritz the household names around the world. She has created a legacy in the business world and while navigating her career success, Irene had also raised her daughters flawlessly. The secret to her success is the devotion to her job, without being ignorant of her children’s benefits.

Jill Abramson

Former New York Times executive editor, Jill Abramson is a remarkable author and reporter in the contemporary media scene. Her philanthropy is simple: everyone should make sure to always have something to do, and something to work towards as the cure for melancholy and discouragement.

Kathleen Sebelius

As a former United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen is an active advocate for women’s health. She has been promoting the “Saving Mothers, Giving Life” program to raise awareness for maternal care.

The best chance we have for ensuring the health of our loved ones is by working together as partners. Together, we can go further in supporting safe motherhood. – Kathleen Sebelius

Susan Wojcicki

Who would have thought the success driver behind the world’s largest video sharing site YouTube is a mother of five? Susan Wojcicki, one of the most powerful female leaders in tech, is a real-life Wonder Woman with her endless energy. She shared in an interview with USA Today: “I just think it’s really good I didn’t give up when I was on baby No. 2. I won’t say it was easy, but I decided I’d make it work because I really believed in Google’s potential.” when asked about her takes on being a working mum.

While the notion of having a successful career doesn’t resonate with all parents, it’s a gesture of gratitude to let your mum know that she will always have your support. So take every day to be her companion, not only in life but also in her journey towards a fulfilling motherhood. Don’t let the vision of your own success distract you from being your mommy’s child.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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