Editor's Picks: Top Employers Hiring in July

Editor’s Picks: Top Employers Hiring in July

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Despite the report on job glut in various sectors, the employment outlook in Malaysia is not all gloomy as companies are still making big hires. Just in case you were caught up in the mundane life and didn’t have a chance to scout for your dream jobs, here are the top employers hiring in July (among thousands of others on Jobstore.com).

Yamaha Electronics Manufacturing

Join the next generation of Yamaha empire to continue the 125-year long music history with multiple opening positions in Malaysia. Yamaha Music is where creative folks and those who are passionate about the performance arts, get to enjoy the latest innovations and movements in the music industry. From instrument products to education and events, you can explore virtually everything music-related as a part of Yamaha family.

Opening positions: (based in Ipoh)

AXA Affin General Insurance

Armed with a strong international recognition as the #1 Insurance Brand for eight years in a row, AXA is perhaps the dream workplace for anyone in the insurance industry. The company’s core mission is to protect everyone day and night, which is reflected through its working culture as well, as stated in its employee value proposition: “AXA is redefining standards to better care about people.” What makes the company a great place to work also include these values: innovative, open environment, challenging and empowering. Enjoy the brightest career growth at AXA!

Opening positions:

Althea Korea

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard about the Hallyu (Korean cultural) wave in the Southeast Asia region. Along with the emergence of entertainment shows is the rising popularity of K-beauty products. Leading this booming market in Malaysia is Althea, an international e-commerce platform selling authentic Korean cosmetic brands. Here’s your chance to experience the most exciting phase of Althea’s business expansion in Southeast Asia, plus the opportunities to be a part of a truly culturally diverse team!

Opening positions:

Precision Control (PC Group of Companies)

A pioneer in the Process Control Instrumentation, SCADA and Telemetry System fields, Precision Control takes pride in its superior services that help businesses fulfil their automation and control solution needs. As part of the team at PC Group of Companies, you’ll enjoy ample growth opportunities regardless of your position.

Opening positions:

Fujitsu Malaysia

Want to experience the true Japanese working culture? Join the team at Fujitsu to unveil (and be a part of) the secrets of a highly profitable IT-based corporation from the land of the rising sun. Working at Fujitsu also helps you gain exposure to the ever evolving digital technological world we are living today, from hybrid IT, mobilisation, business solutions to cyber security. They are looking to expand the team with multiple jobs in Cyberjaya.

Opening positions:

Fujifilm Malaysia

Hailed from Japan as the leader in the photographic filmmaking industry, Fujifilm Malaysia offers everyone a platform to develop their careers across various fields such as digital photography, binoculars and supplies among others. The firm is globally known for its broad contributions to the future of technology and science while taking responsibility for the society’s well-being, from erasing the cultural boundaries to protecting the environment. If you want to pursue a career that will make an impact on someone else’s life, join the Fujifilm Malaysia team today!

Opening positions:

SunPower Malaysia

SunPower is the number one solar solutions provider in Malaysia, with global footprints across North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia. As one of the top players in the energy industry, offering solar panels, commercial solar solutions and solar power plants, SunPower is where you can gain extensive knowledge in the industry for quick career advancement. Collaborations and growth are the top values that enable the company to reach its goals – to deliver the best quality services and build trust with every customer.

Opening positions:

Ahmad Zaki Resources Berhad (AZRB)

AZRB is a renowned public company in the engineering and construction industry, recognised as the Builder of Award-winning Landmarks and Infrastructure Projects in Malaysia. They also involved in various other disciplines including oil and gas; property; oil palm and expressway. Being the listed corporation, AZRB offers tremendous career growth for its employees, primarily through the Gen Next program, aiming to nurture their talent for ground-breaking projects through both theoretical and practical training.

Opening positions:

Fitness First Malaysia

Currently the most trustworthy and popular fitness brand in Malaysia, Fitness First is the place to be for everyone to celebrate a healthy lifestyle through inspiring journeys to get fit. It offers world-class training equipment and a team of professional and dedicated trainers/coaches, and still expanding the business to help more Malaysians achieve their ideal lifestyle. If you want to be a part of this thriving community, apply for their jobs now!

Opening position:

Beiersdorf Malaysia

Meet the corporation behind the household beauty brand NIVEA, Beiersdorf. With a massive distribution network across the globe, Beiersdorf is also recognised as the industry mover and shaker when it comes to skin care. The company owes its success to the century-long values (that is still relevant today, which revolve around the Blue Agenda: Care – Simplicity – Courage –  Trust. Most importantly, Beiersdorf sees diversity as the factor that drives positivity in the workplace, which means you will able to explore your true potential without any restriction as a member of the Beiersdorf team.

Opening positions:

Wonder Pod

Are you just as passionate about the advancement of technology and IT solutions as we do? If yes, Wonder Pod might just be your wonder world! Any business needs a digital team in order to survive the technological transformation, hence the needs for solutions and services such as business intelligence, enterprise application tools, mobility, e-commerce and analytics. With the mission to help organisations develop new and pragmatic ways to engage with customers, Wonder Pod is looking for new talents to join their team!

Opening positions:

Fabourg One

Ever wondered what it’s like working in the premium cosmetic industry? Here’s your chance! Explore the true Parisian fashion house with Sothys Malaysia (registered under Fabourg One Sdn Bhd), where women empowerment initiatives are evident through its brand values and promises. Not only do they offer high-end cosmetic and skin care products originated from France, Sothys is also the trusted name when it comes to beauty consultancy and treatment. A joyful career on top of attractive income, what are you waiting for?

Opening positions:

Novel Furniture

This well-established local furniture house is the haven for all architecture and interior design enthusiasts. With a wide range of high-quality products crafted by the best designers in the industry, using Europe imported materials, Novel Furniture is the testament for quality assurance catering to all furnishing needs. Its modern concept and aesthetic approach also make the brand novelty.

Opening positions:

MIDF Group

With a sole mission to bring development to the manufacturing industry Malaysia through medium and long-term financing, MIDF (Malaysian Industrial Development Finance) was founded back in 1960. The Group has helped countless of enterprises of all sizes to secure loans that enabled them to take the lead in their respective fields, such as Sincere Match and Tobacco Factory Sendirian Berhad. Joining MIDF Group (with branches include MIDF Investment Banking, SME Financing, Mezzanine Financing, Amanah Asset Management, MIDF Research, Islamic Finance), you’ll be presented with a fast-track career advancement with attractive salary package.

Opening positions:

Olympus Malaysia

A familiar name to consumers in the optical and electronic segment with high-quality products, Olympus positions itself as an ideal company to work for. Inherited from the strong Japanese culture (organised and systematic), Olympus Malaysia offers employees the right environment for learning and development with valuable challenges that help them accomplish greatness, alongside working benefits (salary and compensation, etc.)

Opening positions:

SELLBYTEL Services Malaysia

SELLBYTEL is a no stranger to the global customer service industry, available in more 40 languages with multiple expertises: Sales, Service, Support, Human Resources, Training & Coaching, Health Market Solutions, and Back Office. The company celebrates a vibrant culture of diversity and passion, the two values that define its team harmony, which focuses on providing equal opportunities for employees of all divisions and functions. It also highlights knowledge sharing and individual’s career advancement as the cornerstone of the business success.

Opening positions:

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