How to Gracefully Decline a Job Offer?

How to Gracefully Decline a Job Offer?

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Here’s a situation: you’ve painstakingly gone job hunting and finally heard from the company you’ve interviewed with. The only problem is, you’re not keen to take up the position anymore. Whether it’s because of the limited career growth, low wages, or simply because you’ve had a better offer, the reasons are limitless.

Essentially, it’s better and worth it to wait out for the preferred job instead of accepting the next available offer. So, how do you say ‘No thank you’ to the job offer without burning bridges? Here are some tips to help you soar through it.

Be Gracious

Don’t be a snob or let your ego get the best of you. Upon receiving the call or email about the job offer, take some time to absorb the information before declining. This is advisable, even though you may have decided about it right after your interview. It’s a precautionary measure to make sure you’re certain about your decision hence, no regrets. Ring or email back the person who interviewed you and thank them for their time. It’s important for you to keep your mannerism in check through the rejection because you’ll never know when you may cross paths in the future.

Reply Promptly and Clearly

Either email or call back within a three-day time frame. The hiring manager will appreciate your courtesy to promptly update him or her on the status. Timely replies show you respect the other party and do not wish to hold back their progress with other potential candidates. No matter what you do, do not send a text message as a reply because it is considered too casual. Don’t beat around the bush, be honest and speedy.

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State Your Reasons Honestly

Give valid reasons as to why you did not accept the job offer. Hiring managers and organisations need to know the reasons you’re no longer interested in the role. This form of closure will assist them with their hiring process and can be good information to improve on certain areas. For example, if it’s about salary or employee benefits (that are not negotiable), you can tell them that you would have hoped for a chance to discuss beforehand.

Stay In Touch

For networking sake, reject the offer on a good note. Ask whether you can stay in touch and if you’re interested to explore opportunities with the company in the future; don’t forget to mention it. You’ll also gain respect from the employer if you choose to keep in touch rather than cutting ties. It shows that you are a confident professional and that you have your career path mapped out. You may never know when you will need help from your contacts, any potential employer is among of them.

Offer Linking Them to Referrals

Once you decide to reject an offer, know that you are not going to hear about it again. This means it’s highly unlikely for the company to contact you for recruitment unless you’ve given them the heads up for future prospects. After you’ve made up your mind to turn down the offer, why not make some referrals; offer to link them with people you know who may be suited for the role. This effort will show your humility and reliability as a person who is willing to help without expecting anything in return.

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