Part-time Jobs That Will Help You Build Your Resume

Part-time Jobs That Will Help You Build Your Resume

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In your final year and worried about having a below average resume to nab a decent job? Make sure to hone your skills and increase your resumes’ worth. We’ve listed some of the most relevant part-time jobs you can explore to take things up a notch!


  • Tutors and Teachers

Employers will be impressed by your ability to coach and mentor others with the knowledge you have. Being a tutor or teacher shows that you’re capable of being responsible for people, thus possess key transferable skills such as patience, leadership, and strong communication skills amongst many others. Do politely request for a LinkedIn endorsement or letters of recommendation from your superiors upon completing your stint. This will be helpful as supporting document in your resume.

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  • Restaurant Jobs (Service Jobs)

Waiting on tables and taking orders may not sound relevant to an office job but it has its benefits in molding you. The ability to multi-task and balance things in a chaotic setting such as a busy restaurant or cafe serves as good training for future employees. Employers will be interested to know how fast you adapted to the job and how you coped with the demands of fussy patrons or tricky front line incidents. It’s also good to pick up on management skills like problem-solving and planning while you’re at it because it’s never too early to start managing tasks professionally.


  • Retail Sales Associate

This job is a popular and common choice for part-timers. From mundane responsibilities like handing out flyers, being on cashier duties, to contributing to sales performances, you can learn the scope of the retail industry in a nutshell. Be proactive and take note on how your supervisors delegate tasks, give instructions and plan goals for the team. Your take home will be being exposed to an industry which puts key emphasis on teamwork and reaching shared goals together. Studies have shown that most hiring managers prefer hiring someone with this experience because they’re familiar with accountability.

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  • Data Entry Personnel

Keying in data requires a sense of alertness, prioritisation, discipline and efficiency. By taking up a side job like this, you will be able to improve your typing speed and develop an eye for spotting errors quickly. Unlike other common part-time jobs, this is something you can do independently. Since working solo is an option, following the deadline is strictly your responsibility and that’s an attribute employers are fond of. You can also up your game by designing your own templates on Microsoft Excel.


  • Freelance Graphic Designer or Photographer

Practice makes perfect and the creative field is perfect for that. If you are studying graphic design or photography, now is the time to explore and make some moolah on the side. Take up jobs from small businesses like designing their logos, social media visuals, or shooting simple product images. Don’t forget to showcase your portfolios online (for example, on Behance) or on your social media so potential employers can touch base with you for a freelance gig. In university, work with your lecturers and initiate the idea about doing some graphics or photography for your faculty at a minimal cost. It will not hurt to gain experience while doing something you’re interested in so don’t be afraid to step forward.


  • Uber or Grab Car Driver

Times have changed almost the entire business scenes and part-time jobs are no exception. It’s no surprise nowadays that being a driver counts as experience prior to getting a formal job. The credibility of being a driver is recognised and if you state it down as part of your expertise, it shows you’re responsible, careful, and alert due to the notion of having a background check carried out before you obtain approval from either Grab or Uber. It also shows employers that you’re serious about your own earnings and value your time.

In conclusion, having a part-time job will do you more good than bad. Choose to spend your time wisely and search for one that interests and molds you. Keep in mind that job opportunities are aplenty but if you want a job which ticks all the right boxes, you’ll need to prepare yourself to stand out from the rest hence, adding value to your pool of expertise. All the best!

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