Sweet Treats (Mithai) We Want This Deepavali

Sweet Treats (Mithai) We Want This Deepavali

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Deepavali or Diwali is known as the ‘Festival of Lights’ and is celebrated by those of Hindu faith. It marks the triumph victory of good against evil and is a joyous and vibrant celebration. In conjunction with the festival and in true Malaysian fashion of appreciating food, we’ve listed some sweetmeats we can’t wait to indulge on this October 18th!



This classic sweet treat typically constitutes of khoya (milk solids), saffron, semolina, milk or milk powder, ghee, and sugar. The mixture is made into palm-sized balls which are fried and soaked in thick rose-infused sugar syrup. Some people make them with sweet potatoes to minimise the sweetness but we think the original sweet recipe is on point.

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Made from a mix of boiled semolina flour, sugar syrup, and fresh full cream milk is this orange-y, soft and spongey ‘cake’. It has a fuzzy texture to it but it’s rather enjoyable. Cardamom powder is often sprinkled on the treat to heighten its spice-infused flavour.

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These sphere shaped delights, akin to bliss balls are made from gram flour or chickpea flour, sugar, and ghee. It’s commonly served at weddings or big celebrations like Deepavali as part of the celebration. Variations of the treat have been made by adding crushed pistachios, desiccated coconut, and nuts on top to give it more flavour and texture.

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At first glance, this sweetmeat looks like a clump of fried noodles but it’s more than that. It’s coiled or pretzel-shaped slivers of deep-fried flour soaked in thick syrup. The texture is similar to a funnel cake and the aroma plus orange-y hue comes from saffron which is added to the saccharine premix.

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The main ingredient for these balls is mung bean. They’re mixed with ground cardamom, sugar, and clarified butter to give a lovely aromatic smell and nutty taste once fried. For texture and a punchy flavour, dried fruits; especially raisins, and chopped nuts are also fondly incorporated into them.

Photo source: The Star Online



A mixture of ghee and milk powder added into a boiled milk and sugar reduction comes this melt-in-your-mouth candy. It’s often poured into moulds with various patterns and left out to set before being cut into squares or diamond shapes. Some may comment it has a sticky aftertaste but a fun treat to have no matter!

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A crowd favourite, this thick, slightly chewy dessert is made via a slow process of combining plain flour, milk, and sugar over a low heat. Dried fruits like raisins, chopped cashews and pistachios, and ghee is then carefully mixed into the thicken blend. Once everything turns golden brown, it’s left to set and firm up in a greased container. Once cooled, it’ll typically be cut into thick squares to enjoy with tea.

Photo source: HungryGoWhere

Our tummies can hardly wait for the festivities to roll out but before that, we at Jobstore would like to wish those celebrating a very Happy Deepavali. Enjoy the festivities guys!


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