15 Books That Will Motivate You at Work

15 Books That Will Motivate You at Work

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Give your reading list an upgrade and add some of these motivational gems to inspire, stimulate, and widen your knowledge bank. Handpicked by BookXcess Online, we’re excited to dive into these recommendations, stat!


Mindful Work: How Meditation Is Changing Business From The Inside Out by David Gelles

If you often feel restless, stressed or frustrated at work, this book will give you a new and profound perspective. It explains the power of being conscious and its overall benefits; through examples from industry leaders and businesses that have adopted the movement. A great and convincing read to understand how meditation, yoga and other techniques in the ways of mindfulness can increase productivity and build a happier environment at work.


Success: Advice For Achieving Your Goals From Remarkably Accomplished People edited by Jena Pincott

Here’s a compilation of insights and stories from over 400 individuals from various fields such as business, entertainment, politics, and the arts to name a few. Read J.K Rowling’s sharing on what catapulted her authorship, George Lucas and Bill Clinton on goals and Steve Jobs and Tiger Woods on passion amongst many other inspirational success stories. Together, these victorious personas remind readers that passion takes you places and this book makes a good guide to start your own journey towards that success.


Shine: How To Survive And Thrive At Work by Chris Baréz-Brown

This book encourages you to work with charisma, confidence, and character. The author talks about how everyone has the right to shine and how most of the time, self-motivation is needed when you become your own biggest hurdle. It brings up the notion of changing the way you work if you don’t like it and how you can get more out of your job. Readers are urged to channel their inner ‘Elvis’ ‘tude, to shake things up, break some rules and make a choice to stand out. 

The Innovators by Walter Isaacson

Flip through an overview of how the Digital Revolution is shaped plus the unfolding of the history of computer science. In this book, Walter Isaacson recounts how famous tech ‘geeks’ took creative leaps, succeeded and even failed to create the digital world as we know today. He lists some key milestones and stories of the innovators starting with Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron’s daughter who pioneered computer programming in the 1840s to anecdotes of interesting personalities like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Doug Engelbart. A compelling read for those who wish to know more about the attributes of the innovators and how they mastered their craft in the evolving digital era.


It’s Not About The Shark by David Niven

A brilliant read for those who want to know more about problem-solving. Psychologist, social scientist, and million-selling author, David Niven discusses how we should aim to find a solution rather than focus on the problem. It reminds readers about how focusing on the wrong things will often result in wasting time, energy, block creativity, and heightened insecurities – in other words, no absolute good. Taking Steven Spielberg’s legendary Jaws as an example, whereby the filmmaker created the menacing character by limiting its presence on screen rather than making the expensive artificial ‘shark’ appear too often. It resulted in a film which gave a better chilling and frightening impression. Similar to our daily lives, if we put problems at the centre of our days, it will rule our ability to move forward. We need to constantly challenge real-life situations that put us at the edge of our seats and not let it take over. 

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Quick And Nimble by Adam Bryant

Building a proactive, high-performing and innovative organisation is no easy feat. Adam Bryant interviews over 200 CEOS to get insights, strategies, and advice on building an organisation with a culture of innovation and a constantly driven team. In a fast-moving and challenging global economy setting, leaders are working hard to reignite the ‘quick and nimble’ spirit and passion of their existing employees for the advantage of the organisation. Taking wisdom from successful leaders like Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn, Amy Gutmann of the University of Pennsylvania, and Tony Hsieh of Zappos, this book presents itself as a shining guide for upper management level to dive into its pages.


Playing Big: A Practical Guide For Brilliant Women Like You by Tara Mohr

An empowering book, Tara Mohr shares her tips and tools with women on how to make a positive difference without holding back at work and in her life. Women are equally passionate, driven, and talented as men and they need to realise that. The notion of ‘thinking small’ or labeling themselves as inadequate does not bring any benefit besides placing them in the corner of self-doubt. Putting emphasis on creating a life with greater sense, freedom, and inspiration, this practical guide will take readers through understanding: the inner critic, the voice of inner wisdom, unhooking from praise and criticism, and lastly, communicating with power. 


The Small Print Of Success by David Thompson

A valuable piece comes this book which delves into the intricacies of workplace and career management. It provides tips and tricks to help you get ahead at work and personal development. Learn how to read eye contact patterns made by the key players at work, interpret working dynamics, and how to avoid getting tangled in office politics. In a nutshell, this book covers the undeclared specifics and finer details of getting yourself through the dog-eat-dog corporate world; unscathed.


The Rise Of The Naked Economy by Jeremy Neuner and Ryan Coonerty

Talking about the future of work, Jeremy Neuner and Ryan Coonerty takes the reader through a vexing and interesting thought navigating through America’s workforce and economic shifts. It informs readers how to achieve both personal and professional success in an economy that doesn’t offer an eon of employment. This is attained by taking a non-traditional step forward, accepting the strengths of a new infrastructure, strategy, and views of workers, communities, and companies. Whether having recently graduated or getting laid off, this books gives readers a fresh perspective and an encouragement to regain their means of support positively.


Rising Above A Toxic Workplace by Gary Chapman, Harold Myra, and Paul White

There’s nothing worse than having to drag your feet to a workplace that’s filled with toxicity. Poisonous co-workers, bad bosses, and negative environments are often the cause for a depressing and uninspiring outlook. This book identifies how employees cope, change, or leave their situation at work. Filled with authentic, candid accounts, and quips from real workers of today, it’s a relatable book that’ll give you reassurance that you’re not alone in such situations. Take a tip of two from the stories in the book: lessons they’ve learned from their circumstances, how they’ve gained resilience and patience, and of course, the practical guidance given by the authors to survive such unhealthy and trauma-posed environment.


A Great Day At The Office by Dr. John Briffa

Here’s a book to help you with managing your productivity at work and can be applied to your daily tasks too. If you find yourself dreading the 9 to 5 or wishing for time to past faster as soon as you’re sat at your desk in the morning, reading this book will serve you well. Dr. John Briffa writes about the challenges faced at work in this era and gives practical and sensible examples on how to have a happier, healthier, and productive time at the office and whilst you’re away. His proven techniques range from changing up your lifestyle habits like having a proper diet, sleeping quality and pattern, keeping hydrated, and the amount of alcohol you drink. Overall, Dr. John Briffa’s methods steer off the conventional wisdom but are dependable based on recent and up-to-date studies.


Play At Work: Companies On The Cutting Edge Of Gamification by Adam L. Penenberg

With the rise of RGPs (role-playing games), games have slowly started to become an integral part of our daily lives. What used to be a chosen diversion for kids and young adults, has diversified into work culture. Just as teachers and educators are using games to entice students, organisations are incorporating the same notion as well as professional bodies like healthcare, the military, or entrepreneurship. The idea behind using games to carry out professional tasks helps to increase concentration and makes the tasks enjoyable and interactive. The way the games are designed has proved to increase productivity and provides rewarding outcomes for organisations showing it’s new technology that’s here to stay. Adam L. Penenberg compacts information on how established companies like Google and Microsoft has utilised game design daringly and uniquely.


How A Little Planning Beats A Lot of Firefighting by Fergus O’Connell

We’ve all heard it before, ‘work smarter, not harder’ or ‘plan ahead, to get ahead!’- following these quotes comes this book by Fergus O’Connell. The book talks about how planning can save you from trouble and assist you with pristine execution. Read about planning tips which can help you with improving your productivity and get more done with less work.


Busy: How To Thrive In A World Of Too Much by Tony Crabbe

Probably one of the world’s most overused word, busy. The busyness experienced by one is often overwhelming and it weighs down an individual who is chasing time. This book brings forward the reality of it all, that busyness is not essential. The ‘so much to do, so little time’ nature is untrue and discouraging, a normal response to a world of too much. Tony Crabbe draws from solid psychological evidences to address this and presents four key strategies for thriving: mastery, focus, engagement, and momentum. He doesn’t focus on tips on how to improve productivity and so forth but instead gives a detailed breakdown of how to control your life and having a less busy life.


Joy, Inc: How We Built A Workplace People Love by Richard Sheridan

Going to work miserable was something CEO and ‘Chief Storyteller’ or author of the book, Richard Sheridan did not want to pursue. Hence, he striked off fear and ambiguity at work. Making joy an explicit goal, he decided to changed how things were run with his team. Starting with a shared belief system that supports teamwork by working in pairs and embracing mistakes while cultivating dignity for the team, he began to see amazing results. Positive and profitable results stemmed from the unique and joyful culture, making Sheridan’s company a gold nugget of encouragement and inspiration. A heartwarming story about a great working atmosphere and sustainable business culture to be inspired by.
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