Healthy Morning Routines You Need to Start in 2018

Healthy Morning Routines You Need to Start Now

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Your day starts the moment you get out of bed in the morning. Keep in mind that what you choose to do first will set the tone for the day ahead, especially in terms of productivity and positivity levels. To start your day right, plan out a suitable routine for yourself. It can range from doing physical activities, letting your creative juices flow, or a little meditation to focus your mind. No idea? Give the suggestions below a go.

Put Away Technology

The first thing most people do is pick up their phones or gadgets once they’re awake. It’s then followed by spending a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes (if not more!) browsing through the day’s news and social media. Some people may even reply to work emails before reaching the office. For a change, lessen phone and gadget usage altogether at the start of the day. Opt to do something less distracting like light exercises or meditation.

It’s inevitable that it’ll be difficult to turn away from the devices but with enough willpower and discipline, it’ll be alright. To make the process easier, you can mute or disable all notifications until a specific time in the morning.

Have a Cold Shower

Cold showers can be hard to take, especially in the morning. Despite not being a crowd favourite thing to do, cold showers possess good benefits. Studies have shown that they give similar effects akin to when one does cardio exercises. It ‘jumpstarts’ the system and refreshes the body. Other than that, cold showers also helps reduce muscle soreness, stimulates weight loss, and increases the tolerance for the body to handle stress and diseases as per recorded. Thinking twice about taking up this new routine option? Fret not, it’ll do more good than harm!

Maximising Your Commute

Every minute spent travelling to work is precious. Use your time wisely, whether you’re driving or utilising public transportation. There’s always room to make full use of your time. For instance, try listening to audiobooks, TED talks or just take the time to appreciate the morning’s serenity.

Another thing you can do is, do self-reflection or brainstorm ideas while you wait for the train. You can carry a small pocket notebook to jot down your ideas or type them into your phone. Either way, use this time in the morning to prep your mind and focus for the day ahead.

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Prepare a Healthy and Delicious Breakfast

If you’ve been skipping breakfast, it’s time to change. If you’ve not been skipping breakfast, good on you! Most people regard breakfast as a simple meal in the morning and don’t think too much of it. The reality of it is that this simple meal helps you kick-start your metabolism and replenishes healthy sugar levels for a productive day.

Don’t go to work on an empty stomach. You’ll notice you can be easily irritated, tired, or impatient when you do. Eat high-fibre carbohydrates like fruits and whole-grains such as oatmeal or cereal options. Since having breakfast is a daily thing, you can also change up your choices like having Greek yoghurt with honeycomb or have a protein smoothie on-the-go.

Plan Your Day Ahead

Make time to plan for the next day before you go to bed. It can be from the clothes you’re planning to wear, food you’re packing for lunch, to even the topics you’re thinking about sharing during your meetings. Visualise the flow and you’ll feel at ease, as though you’ve gone through the day in your mind. Give yourself extra buffer time when you prep or travel. Half an hour to an hour’s worth ahead is ideal to give you a head start. All the best!

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