Best Ways To Deal With A Difficult Co-Worker

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Ever wish your work life was as smooth as the ones you see in sitcoms? Don’t we all? Work would be fun if all your co-workers were your friends. For many, this isn’t the case. Working with uncooperative co-workers can be exhausting. Instead of focusing on the task at hand, you waste energy on controlling your emotions.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s a couple of ideas on how to work with an uncooperative colleague.


Keep Your Cool!


Let’s be honest. No one likes an angry, disrespectful co-worker, no matter the reason. Yelling and being sour only works to make the relationship worse than it already is. Always keep your cool instead and excuse yourself if you need to.


It’s Not You. It’s Me.


One of the easiest ways to start is by a little bit of introspection. Instead of blaming your coworker, consider the possibility where the fault is yours. What if maybe, just maybe, they’re right? Perhaps you dislike them for the wrong reasons. Maybe they remind you of someone else you don’t like, or even probably have some of your less favourable traits. Think hard about the real reason you dislike this person. The results may surprise you.


What’s In It For Them?


Instead of expecting people to give you what you want, start by understanding what they want. Do they have specific goals you could help them achieve? Or maybe they would like you to change the tone of your voice. Perhaps it’s something more personal or family-related and has nothing to do with you. Having a mature face-to-face discussion and understanding each other’s perspectives might be the best way to get them to cooperate with you.


Express Your Appreciation.


In the often hectic work environment, it is understandable how expressing a little gratitude might slip off your mind. A simple heartfelt “thank you” might go to great lengths to make your cooperation much more manageable.  Think back to the last time someone singled you out and appreciated you for something you did. Remember how good it felt? Consider passing that feeling along to your colleagues the next time they help you out.


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