How important is the Mandarin language in 10 years from now, especially in Malaysia?

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Some people asking about “How important is the Mandarin language in 10 years from now, especially in Malaysia?” on Quora, I did some summary, it shows some interesting discussion:


Timothy Soo

Put it this way, the number of mainland Chinese tourist in Malaysia is increasing each year. There are also some mainland Chinese studying in higher education institutions in Malaysia. The most convenient language to communicate with them is Mandarin as most of them can barely speak the English Language well. Furthermore, Chinese corporations, especially constructions companies, will have an increasing role in the Malaysian economy. Some of the professionals in these companies will likely come from China.

So is Mandarin an important Chinese language in Malaysia in the long term? you better bet it is a yes.


Fruneka Flavia

Mandarin will a very very very demanding language in Malaysia. This days itself you could see that most of the job requirements needs Mandarin and if you have knowledge you will be provided more allowance. 

This day if you know it would be an extra point it yourself or even myself. If you don’t have the interest in reading Mandarin or writing it at least learn how to speak it would bring a lot of benefit for yourself. I myself notice that whenever i go through a job vacancies or even in the demand of Mandarin language is so high eventhough English is the international language.


James Lee

Throughout this few years observation during job searching within Malaysia job market, a fair demands about able to be fluently communicate, as part of job requirement. In fact, couples of well know companies / education institutes , e.g Harvard business school has setup at Shanghai and India, Google has announced Taiwan was the chosen country to run the development of new tech , with such movements and investments from global industries leader, should be safe to say it means something to our market in near future.

Overall, there will be more and more Malaysian speaking Mandarin for the next 10 years.

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