5 Signs You May Be In The Wrong Career Path

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There will always bound to be ups and downs in any job. If the downside overwhelms the good side, you may be in the wrong career. Like any other life-changing decisions we made in the professional field, it can be hard to make a choice when they are no certainty it could be the right way.

Here are the telltale signs that you might be in the wrong career path.


1. Feeling bored at work

Every person will have a sense of boredom at work. Usually, employees won’t fall into the negative state unless they do not have the motivation or a purpose in their jobs. It could even be that tasks given was too trivial and not challenging enough. If you are an experienced worker, you may be bored with the status quo and your field or career.

Some work can be more tedious than others, but there will always be something out there you could do with a passion and interest. If you can’t find any part of your current job exciting, that might just be your calling time to move on.


2. You kept complaining about your work

Work will come hand in hand with stress and because of that, we tend to end up nagging about it. The main issues that come from work are largely coming from:

– nonsensical project goals
– issues with prioritizing tasks
– lack of information or context
– zero leadership presence
– deadlines constantly shift around

Complaining can be formed into a habit, yet it is totally under your control. But it won’t help if you are going to end up facing all these issues every day at work. Instead, finding means to get you through all this issue with the people you trust at work or go out and find a more competent work environment.


3. You are underpaid and underappreciated

Getting stuck in a job that doesn’t reward you fairly and no one to appreciate your hard work can be very demotivating. If you are looking to turn over a new leaf, you can choose to look a for a new job with better prospects. That said finding a job that pays you more compared to your current employment might not necessary can be a good fit. Spend more time and get as many potential job opportunities as possible.

Or you could choose to remain where you are and be very clear about what you want. Propose to your boss on how much money you want to be paid for your contribution. You can offer to accept an incremental increase until your salary is in line with the pay at the job market. In terms of appreciation, be candid when you are talking to your boss, let them know that their feedback and acknowledgement are highly important to you and it could motivate you to work harder.


4. You are constantly changing different jobs

Job-hopping is not something unheard of in the working field. You got from one job to the next in hopes of finding the perfect workplace but instead, you opted to move on after a few months. Now you are back to step 1 in finding a new position.

Ask yourself in the first place what jobs appeal to you and what prompt you to apply for the position in the first place. Then look into the reason what made you lost interest. Was the job too mundane? Is the work culture not fitting for you? Are you not learning anything? This goes to show that you are looking for a higher level job that is more challenging if that is the case you should building up your skills and venture out for jobs that you have never cross your mind.


5. You are just doing it for the money

Although it isn’t really a bad thing to do your job just for the money but is it what you really aspire to have in your career path? Especially if you are earning five or six figures will provide you with a comforting lifestyle but if you are lacking in the passion of what you do at work. You have to ask yourself would you pursue a career that you are passionate about, even if the pay is not as that much compared to what you currently do.

Although there is no right or wrong way towards achieving happiness, choosing to work for what you are passionate in, could be a better path if you deem that your current career path is not your career goal.

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