Learn How To Turn Your Internship Into A Full-Time Job

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Enjoyed your time during your internship period? Having an awesome boss that guides you, a lively office culture that boosts up your work productivity and lovely colleagues that you enjoy working with every day. Now, your internship is about to come to the end of the line, what if you could stay on and become a permanent staff instead?

Employers that provide internships are also looking into new potential employees before extending an actual job offer. The internship is the testing ground to identify which individuals can fit within the work culture of the organization but it also can be the perfect opportunity for you to become a full-time employee too. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your internship and the chance to turn into your full-time job.


1.Expressing your interest to further pursue your career with the company

As you reach out to your boss about a full-time job, take a proactive approach. Let them know you are interested in the position and most importantly inquire about what you should prepare for the transition process. By stating what you can do, goes to show you are committed to staying with the company. Even if there are no positions available for you to apply, your employer will likely contact you due to your keen interest in the position.


2. Talk to your manager and your coworkers about your work performance

Getting constructive feedback from your peers about your work performance can help pinpoint your areas of improvements during the internship period. Their input can be highly important in helping you to improve your work performance. Issues and challenges can be overcome once expectations have been properly pointed out to ensure everyone is on the same page. Also made mentions how you leverage your time working with your teammates and colleagues to show your appreciation and commendation towards your peers.


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3.Making a good impression with everyone you are working with

It is in our nature to form perceptions towards people we meet. Initial impressions can be a long-term effect that can have a significant impact on your career path and your success in the company. This can include how you dress up to work, how you talk to your peers, and your general behaviour. Most of all, always maintain a positive attitude to solve your daily job challenges and also to demonstrate that you can manage difficult situations calmly.When it comes to making mistakes at work, the first thing you’re supposed to do is admit it. Do not ignore and blame other people for this. At the very least, your supervisor understands and recognises that you admit to your mistakes.


4.Growing a strong work ethic

Fostering a strong work ethic at the start of your internship period will help steer your self-development path in the right direction. Establishing values such as the willingness to get your task done while maintaining a positive attitude will instill your employer confidence that you are a valuable employee to the company. While it is essential to show that you are willing to work hard, it is also important to create a healthy work-life balance. You can start it off by setting manageable goals each day and be efficient with your time at work to balance your personal and professional relationships.


5. Acing the interview by utilizing your internship experience

Here is your golden ticket to getting the first full-time job that you are eagerly hoping for. As an intern, you will certainly have the upper advantage over other candidates as you have hands-on experience working with the company. Generally, for an internal interview, the process may be less formal and similar to a meeting or a discussion with your hiring manager. The key to acing the interview is to get an idea of what does the employers wants for the position and emphasize on those qualities in your interview.

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