How To Convince Your Boss that You Want to Move into A Different Team in Your Company

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Have you ever felt that spending time working under the same for the past few years makes you feel that you need a change on your work-life? Or perhaps when you recently transferred to a new team but you realise that you are not a great fit with the new members? Or perhaps you realise that there is no ladder for you to climb up your career and your best chance is to move into a different team.

An internal switch within the company might just steer your career into the progressive path. That said there is only one challenge that you need to overcome, which is how to convince your boss that you need to move into a different team or a department. If this is the path that you want to thread on, here are a few advises to help you on how to reach out to your boss with the agreement to move to another team.


Come up with a game plan

Regardless if you are looking into switching to a different team or a department. You will need to invest in yourself by building up your skills and proficiency especially if you are taking on a new role. Along the way, ensure what you currently work on is constantly maintained as your top priority. Your commitment will show that you are heavily invested in the company and it will earn you your commendation from your boss. Most of all it helps you to earn the opportunity to propose your willingness to switch to a different team while maintaining your value in the eyes of your employer.


Find out the process of the internal transfer application

Remember to look into the internal process of application and how it will be carried out. Arrange a short meet-up session with your manager and see how you can apply for it. Also, inquire if there is a need for you to provide a resume for the interview. Make mentions on your resume that working for the company has been helping you to reach your goals and the successes that you bring for the company.


Finding the perfect time to hatch your game plan

Instead of jumping the gun and hit straight to your manager demanding about switching you into a different team, it is best to schedule an individual meeting just between the two of you. Other than that you should consider determining the best time your boss can really sit down, focus and listen to your request. Try to avoid arranging a meet up when your boss is highly tied up with work.


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Ensure the interview is a win-win situation for both sides

Before proceeding with the interview, you need to determine how your internal transfer will bring improvement to the business. Whether it helps to bring a greater contribution to the company, productivity or morale to the team there must be a positive value from it that benefits not just for your career but also for the company’s business as well.


Offer to provide guidance for your replacement

Switching to another team may leave your former team in a straining position especially for when it comes to finding a suitable person to replace you. Give a helping hand to make your employer’s preparation easier by offering yourself to train the person that would take on your role. Your boss will certainly appreciate your effort especially if the transition period is given a green light for you. Besides providing hands-on training, you can even write an extensive SOP(Standard Operating Procedures) so your replacement will be able to pick up the job aspects besides relying on your guidance the whole time.

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