How To Stay Zen in a Negative Workstation

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With the amount of time we spend at the office, it is only natural for us to have good and bad times at work. Many of us strive to achieve our goals with hard work, dedication, and determination. However, with these positive goals comes negative obstacles and challenges. From unsupportive boss or manager, the increasing amount of workload, miscommunication and the list goes on. So how do you stay zen and positive at work despite the ongoing chaos and work stress? 


The key here is to implement some of these lists of actions to not only your day-to-day life. But to do them with the motive being “mindful” of the things you partake to create a peaceful work environment. “Mindfulness” is a powerful element that not only reminds you to take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing. But to also establish a peaceful relationship with your co-workers, such as, improving communication, and stress reduction. This will make your office a more pleasant place to work in.



Tip#1: Remind Yourself of the Things You’re Good At. 

It is essential to remind yourself of your self-worth, especially in conflicting situations. Focus on the positive side of things and the things you are good at, such as a completed project you have recently received praises for or think about your experience and qualifications that have made you the better person you are today. 



Tip #2: Avoid Engaging in Conflicts. 

Developing a conflict resolution skill will help you build a greater room for positive energy in your workspace. Participating in conflicts often results in the reduction of productivity, limits collaboration as well as cooperation with co-workers at work. So skip transferring your energy towards situations that do not benefit your mental health and place yourself in a “conflict-free” environment.   



Tip #3: Get Positive Advice.

Talking to a trusted colleague, friends or family is a great way to help you discuss any work-related issues you’re struggling with. Seeking third party advices and opinion will get you to see things from an unbias and rational perspective as it will also help develop effective ways of coping with problems.



Tip #4: Stay Away from Gossips.

Keeping away from office gossips is the key to avoid attracting negative outcomes. One of the recommended ways to practice this tip is to make it strictly clear that you will not participate in speaking ill of your team members and colleagues. Voice this in a light-hearted and subtle manner as soon as your colleague asks you for your opinion about a co-worker. However, if you are put on the spot about voicing out about a colleague, say nice and positive things about the person instead! 


Keep in mind that work is a part of your life and is NOT your entire life. So do not invest your time in negative work energy and be consumed by the daily office politics and dramas. The workplace can influence many parts of you, such as work pressure, lifestyle, and social circle. If you are currently facing difficult times or feeling depressed at work, fix it now

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