Is Commuting To Work By Public Transit Feasible For You?

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With the recent announcement about implementing an unlimited monthly public transportation pass perhaps it’s time to give a second look at commuting to work with a cheaper alternative. Though the time may take longer or shorter for the better, for the right job, the right neighbourhood, the right workplace, it would we worth it for you right? That being said, are you prepared to cope with train or bus breakdowns, delay in the schedule, surrounding yourself with strangers daily?

Here are a few factors that you should consider before determining if a commuting to work via public transportation suits you best.

1. Are you able to take a long public commute to work daily?
2. How much will it cost you by just relying on public transportation?
3. Is your work hours flexible enough?
4. Is relocating to the nearest public transportation an option for you?


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If you are staying close to the nearest public transport hub that can get you to your workplace. You can save up your expenditure by being a transit passenger. To add on, you can make your commuting experience a seamless journey:
1.Listening to your preferred podcasts to expand your knowledge or your skills that are either relevant to your profession or your personal goal.
2. Catch up on your voicemails and emails before reaching your workplace.
3. Plan your time and commuting schedule carefully.
4. Bring along a book or listen to audiobooks as a brain food.
5.Commute at off-peak hours to steer clear from the hectic crowds
6.Discover and listen to different music genres

What You Can Do

Bike or walk to work or a combination with public transit can be a viable alternative to driving in urban and suburban areas. For certain people, walking and biking as part of commuting can be considered as a physical activity and can make a difference in your health.

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