How to Make A Comeback After Your Failure at Your First Job

How to Make A Comeback After Your Failure at Your First Job

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Not able to perform at work during your first job might just be one of the most frustrating situations that you might ever face in your career. You are unsure what you were supposed to do, you may feel it’s bothersome to ask them your colleagues for advice or help. Once your boss starts to notice how bad you are doing your job, things are really not in your favour. So what you should do at your fail state? Here is how you should deal with being incompetent at your new position.

Reach to your colleagues for support

Regardless if you are trying to be considerate or just being shy towards your colleagues, you should try and seek help. Walk to them and introduce yourself. Ask for advices when you are struggling with your work. You can even try and observe what your coworkers are doing to get an idea how they work and how things are run around the team. If you manage to find a person that is really keen on helping you out, speak out about all the problems you find difficult to solve on your own. That person can potentially share personal knowledge and experience that can help you catch up faster.

Avoid making excuses

Own up to your failures and take up your responsibility. It would show that despite your underwhelming performance, it shows that you are honest and willing to learn from your missteps. This lesson would be highly essential especially in your first job. The best way to stop making excuses is to proactively refrain from yourself to make that choice. At the end of each day at work, take a moment to reflect on your performance on a daily basis. This would make a mental note of avoiding making excuses and figuring out how to solve the challenges in the future.

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Get yourself a work partner to push you

Besides looking out for coworkers to support you, surround yourself with people who would call you out for your incompetence. Having an encouraging work partner in your career can help achieve your goals and to make you feel motivated. Invest more time with your partner to strengthen the relationship by having an open communication. If they truly want to support you, they will be more than willing to help you out. Most of all, giving support goes both ways. You will need to be there for your partner as well when they needed your support when the time comes.


Seeing things from a different perspective

Not able to perform at work does not entirely mean your first job is a total loss. Instead of blaming yourself for the failures and your poor performance, talk to your boss to get a performance feedback. Bear in mind that even if you have armed yourself with knowledge and the right skill set, company work style may be entirely different from what you expect it to be. It would certainly take time to adapt to a new culture. Instead of berating yourself about how bad you did. Come up with a timeline for you to accomplish your desired objectives and breakthroughs.


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