6 Ways to Future Proof Your Career in the Digital Age

6 Ways to Future Proof Your Career in the Digital Age

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Rapid technological development is gradually making impacts on the job market. Automation is replacing the workforce’s jobs and skills. Ask yourselves, “What type of skills I need to acquire before finding a job? What value can I contribute to retaining my current job? It is important to evaluate yourself to identify your areas of improvement. In this article, you can explore six strategies for future-proofing your career.


1.The importance of soft skills

Soft skills can make the difference in determining who gets hired and gets to retain their job. Values, behaviour, passion, creativity, communication and adaptability are the types of skills that you can apply in your career. Your soft skills won’t show its worth on your resume. Only through your networks and peers can relay it to you. Bear in mind that complacency and egotism will not help to improve your odds of employability. Show your worth towards the people you work with by improving your work and social skills.


2.Create your own personal brand

There are various job opportunities that you can connect which includes online job boards, social media, professional associations, recruitment agencies, directories, journals and newspapers. Be enthusiastic when you are establishing your particular image and brand. Focus on improving your digital identity and online profile once it’s on the digital space.


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3.Solidify your network channels

Linking with professional contacts provides you with insights on industry trends and opportunities. Make sure the people you are networking with are aware of your current employment status. It is possible to find a job through your network of friends or peers. Companies do seek out new hires through their network of clients.

6 Ways to Future Proof Your Career in the Digital Age

4.Ensuring your skills are up-to-date

Arming yourself with relevant skills in the job market will improve your employability. Attend courses or seminar to update your skills that relate to technological advancement. Mentorship can help you succeed in the modern workplace to gain skills and knowledge as well.


5.A clear understanding of your job market

Observe and study the job market to measure your employability even if you are not searching for a job. Keep up with the latest industry news, including articles related to your profession. Through this approach, you can determine the job market value of your position.


6.Identify your achievements

Start tracking records of accomplishment at work by compiling previous performance reviews, reference letters, presentations and relevant documents from your current employment. Search for things that you have completed based on numbers, data or percentage. It may be hard to track achievements from your past employment. Take your time to think about your contributions that lead to company growth.


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