A Quick Guide on How to Get into Listening Podcast

A Quick Guide on How to Get into Listening Podcast

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Podcasting has slowly been picking up as an interest for millennials and younger generations. Since we are part of a generation that craves for entertainment and constantly multi-tasking, podcasting bridges the gap where you can listen while commuting, cooking, running errands, laundry or even during any physical activities.


The best parts about listening to podcasts

1. A great way to pick up information while not having to rely on your eyes to garner information the whole time.

2. Free to listen and there is a wide range of topics that you can pick from.

3. Besides entertainment contents, there are various educational and informative podcast that can bring value to you.

4. You don’t have to rely on radios where you can’t choose to listen to the type of content or conversations as you wish. Most of all there are zero adverts!


Using the right app

To organise and maintain your podcasts, having an app will allow you to subscribe to new shows. For iPhone users, you have the Apple Podcasts app that is pre-installed into the phone. For Android users, you can play podcasts through the Play Music app. There is a wide range of third-party apps that you can choose to download from the app store.

Where to start?

In Malaysia, we have a number of podcasts producers and some are indie podcasters. Organisations such as BFM and Ais Kacang are some of the well known that produces a series of talk shows that cover various themes.

For crowd favourites, there is plenty to pick from that covers a broad range of topics that can guarantee your satisfaction.


This American Life

The podcasters are the masters in captivating story-telling. Together with their weekly themed story collections, they enjoy exploring other topics as well and it is the perfect introduction into podcasting.



If you are a science geek or just enjoy the science side of things, Radiolab has the podcasters for the job. Definitely check out their most memorable podcasts to get you started.


99% Invisible

The podcasters teach you about stuff that you may not be aware of about the world. Like the design of basketball sports, the ethics of designing buildings intended for solitary confinement such as Pelican Bay State Prison to the design of Superman and how the superhero managed to stay popular for over 75 years.


A Podcast of Ice and Fire

Are you an avid Game of Thrones fan? You will definitely fall in love with this podcast that dives into the world of George R. R. Martin covering spoilers and theories.



Regarded as one of the best podcasts that cover true-crime stories. Some of the cases may be seen as mundane, but each story carries a hidden revelation that can end in a jaw-dropping moment.


BBC Radio 4’s In Our Time

Hosted by Melvyn Bragg and frequently accompanied by guest speakers that are experts in the topic of discussion from science, religion, culture, philosophy and many more.


Deck the Hallmark

Hosted by three guys that shared an equal interest, analysing the plots of the best or worst part in movies and television shows. If you are looking for some quick and funny entertainment to fill up your time, definitely pick this one up.


Blank Check

Unlike other movie podcasts, Blank Check dives into every director filmography, film by film, journeying into the progression of every great director by the movie, scene and shot by shots.


Hidden Brain

Unravel the mind of human beings as Hidden Brain podcasters talk about human behaviour with interesting and applicable context to everyday life, be it through social interactions or your work life.

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