20 Keyboard Shortcuts To Enhance Your Digital Productivity

20 Keyboard Shortcuts To Enhance Your Digital Productivity

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Everyone knows the Ctrl + Shift + C or the Ctrl + Shift + V for copy and pasting formats which help you to be more efficient when working in any application. How would you like to learn and explore other key essential shortcuts to speed up your tasks and workflows? Check out this 20 most relevant Windows shortcut keys for your daily work usage.

1. Ctrl + Alt + Tab lets you observe all the apps that are currently open on your desktop.


2.Instead of using Ctrl+V to paste copied text, use Ctrl+Shift+V. It allows you to paste the text in the same font as everything else on the document.


3. Windows Key + L allows you to lock your desktop while hiding whatever was displayed on the screen. To unlock your desktop, you must press Ctrl+Alt+Del, key in your password and press Enter. A particularly important shortcut to lock your workstation to prevent people from accessing your laptop while away for a break.


4. Windows Key + Period(.) or Windows Key + Semicolon(;) to open an emoji panel. You can also press Tab/Shift+Tab to switch categories and switch skin colours with the button on the top right of the panel.


5. Ctrl + Left or Right Arrow Key shortcut goes to the start of each word. Combining with the shift key to highlight whole sentences


6. Windows Key + Shift + S to screenshot a portion of the screen and copy to clipboard. You won’t need to use Print Screen to edit or opening up Snipping tool if you need to quickly send someone a screengrab. Additionally, you can paste the screen gran in Paint to quickly highlight and point pertinent information.


7. Windows Key + P to change multi-display layout without going into Display Settings. This straightforward shortcut will save you time from toggling between different monitor setups while allowing you to expand the display to the second screen, duplicate it or display it on the second screen instead of the first.


8. Windows Key + Print screen saves a screenshot on disk whereas Alt + PrintScreen takes a picture of the currently active window.


9. Ctrl + F allows you to search for words or phrases quickly instead of scrolling up and down to find a word. Be wary that in Microsoft Outlook, the shortcut is a command to forward email.


10. Shift + F3 changes your highlighted word, sentence or paragraph between non-capitalised, the first letter capitalised only or all caps. Works only on Microsoft Word or Outlook.


11. Ctrl + Shift +T to reopen last closed tab. Useful if you unintentionally close one of the tabs.


12. Ctrl + Backspace to delete word by word. Then you can add Home and End key to jump to the start or the end of the current line. And of course, Ctrl + A selects everything on the page.


13. Windows Key + Print Screen. Automatically takes a screenshot of your screen and saves it to the default Windows pictures folder.


14. Shift + Tab to go the opposite direction of Tab.


15. Windows Key + M minimises all windows, which brings you to the desktop. Whereas Windows Key + Shift + M brings back whatever you had open.


16. Windows Key + E opens up a new explorer window


17. Windows Key + Arrow keys snap your window to any screen edges/corners. Left and Right arrows snap the window to those sides of the desktop, while Up and Down arrows snap windows to corners.



18. Windows Key + I opens up Settings for your Windows.


19. Windows Key + A you can open and see all the current and latest notifications in the panel without the need to click on the small icon on the taskbar.


20. Windows Key + G is a handy video capture tool that allows you to record another program. Known as the GAME DVR tools that is recently added into the Windows 10. The only limitation is that you cannot record the entire screen instead, you are limited to a single program window. Windows Key + Alt + G will quick start your recording if you want to record immediately. After starting the Game DVR, you can use Windows Key + Alt + R to stop the recording the active window.


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