Catch 'Em All at Pokemon Center Singapore!

Catch ‘Em All at Pokemon Center Singapore!

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For all Pokemon fans that have dreamed of visiting the Pokemon Center in Japan has finally hit its shores outside of Japan. It has been confirmed that the Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore will be opening the Pokemon Center on April 17, 2019.


Pokemon Center Singapore

The Center will be located on the fourth floor of Jewel Changi Airport which is right beside Fila Kids and Japanese cafe Morozoff. Situated close to the main entrance of the airport, fans and tourists alike will be able to access the store within a few escalators. The store will be operating from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

Compared to the other Pokemon Centers located in Japan. The decorations around the outlet have been decorated with bamboo and wood decorations around to reflect the lush greenery in Jewel Changi Airport. To commemorate for the official opening, we are expecting activities that may include Pikachu and Eevee meet-and-greets, Pokemon video game and trading card game tournaments.


Pokemon Center offers an authentic collection of plush,Ā clothing, home goods and accessories where you can find the best gift for a fan. We are also looking at the products offered at Pokemon Center Singapore to cost at most 20% more than Japan(inclusive of consumption/sales tax), which is honestly not that shabby granted the high-cost rental in Singapore. Regardless the Pokemon Center establishment is dedicated to spread the Pokemon brand and make it a home for all visiting Pokemon fans.

Source Credit:Ā NintendoSoup

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