14 Harmless April Fools Office Pranks Just for Fun

14 Harmless April Fools Office Pranks Just for Fun

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Looking for some smart ways to prank your colleagues at the office without going overboard? We have come up a list of our easy-to-do April Fools’ pranks which are appropriate for the April Fools’ Day.

Workdesk trolls
  1. Change the mouse movement speed to the lowest.
  2. Plug your own wireless mouse into their computer or laptop and make sudden jerks to disrupt them.
  3. Cover the mouse sensor with a piece of sticky paper and unplug the mouse USB receiver.
  4. Switch their mouse buttons by inverting the functions.
  5. Take a screenshot of their desktop, hide all their icons in an invisible folder, then set the screenshot as the desktop background.
  6. Swap the N and M(C and V work too) keyboard keys. Only works if the person has to look at the keyboard when they type.
  7. Changing the screensaver to the blue screen of death.
  8. Turn the screen upside down.


Nail the cake
  1. Place a birthday cake in the fridge with the person’s name on it. Watch as people in the office wishes the person happy birthday to an increasingly confused colleague.


The switcharoo
  1. Get a duplicate of a colleague’s office cup and switch the drink into a frozen one when he/she is away from the desk.
  2. Leave a piece of paper on a co-workers desk. The note says “Hi my chair is giving me a back pain so I switched it with yours. Hope you don’t mind. Signed another co-worker you want to frame.” the best part is you don’t even have to bother switching the seats in the first place.
  3. Bring hand moisturizer to work and place it on a public spot. Conspicuously use it and convince your colleagues to use it as well. On April 1st, replace it with a bottle filled with hand sanitizer or water-based lube.


Suprise glitter
  1. Hollow out a pen(felt tip markers works best) and fill it with glitter. Put a tiny bit of glue on the cap and wait as the person attempts to force open the cap.


The great bamboozle
  1. Work with a group of colleagues. Plan on separately swearing to each person to secrecy and then reveal one of the coworkers is planning an April Fool’s day gag on them and that both of you should work to plan an even better one against this schemer. Once done right, you can get all the coworkers to trick each other while you can sit back and watch the play unfold.
  2. Inform your colleagues that you got the best prank in mind for them and hype it up. Once April Fools come around and they will be on the edge throughout the day. But then you do nothing.


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