15 Weird Interview Questions

15 Weird and Unexpected Interview Questions

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As a job seeker, you probably were asked similar questions to most of the other applicants such as “What is the greatest challenge you have overcome? What interests you about our company?”

Majority of these questions are the norm and establish similarly standard responses. In fact, if you are experienced in job interviews, you could probably answer these questions without much thoughts put into it.

Redditors have shared some of the inappropriate questions that have been asked in interviews across industries around the world. Perhaps you might come across a similar question?

1. The interviewer said I looked very youthful, then asked how I expected to keep a class in line if I looked almost as young as the students. He word-for-word, asked, “What if they rebel?” – Biochemistry teaching position at a college



2.“How do you make cheese?” – Interview for a web dev job


3.“Who do you follow on LinkedIn?” – Applying to be a bartender


4.“Would you accept 10$ an hour?” – Interview for a programming job


5.“So, when did you become radicalised?” -Applying for a job at a well-known Middle East news agency.


6.“Why you didn’t grow your own vegetables?” – Web administrator job



7.“Would you like to increase your chances at this job by having dinner with me?”



8.“Name your favourite Muppet?”


9.“Name something innovative you have done at work.” – Applying for an assistant manager job.


10.“How do you best file things in a folder alphabetically?”


11.“How are you dealing with…stupid people?”


12.“If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?” – Interviewing for an analyst position


13.“You obviously have a great resume. Why haven’t you gotten another offer yet? Is something wrong with you?”


14.“Can you give me some advice about my turtle?” – Interview for database job

15.“If you could be any of the original 150 Pokemon, which one would you choose?”



If you are asked an odd interview question, how would you respond? Leave us your thoughts or suggestions on the comment sections below. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.

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