8 Ways How Your Manager Can Make You Resign

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Whenever a manager comes across a troubling employee in the company, perhaps due to work conflicts with other colleagues, poor work performance or any matter that could affect the company business. Regardless of the reasons, your boss only wanted you to be gone as in “out of the frame.” If you notice that your boss is literally done dealing with you, chances are you need to understand what will likely come your way before you can make up for it.


The direct approach or the passive-aggressive approach

There are two practical ways that your manager can arrange your exit from the company.

  • Your boss takes the direct approach, firing you as soon as possible. Examples include you for breaching a company rule, strategically replace or render your position as non-essential or just firing you for poor work performance.
  • Your boss opts for the passive-aggressive approach where he/she subtly makes you feel unwelcome or pilling up an unreasonable amount of work that you eventually decides to call it quits on your own.



Do all the major projects and assignments just seem to land on top of you while your colleagues are given minor tasks instead? To apply further pressure, your boss gives you tight or unreasonable deadlines while pushing your stress levels higher. Even if you adapt to the ridiculous work demands, all you get in return is exhausting your physical and mental being.


2.Limited resources

Your boss discreetly provides you with very limited resources thus making you harder to accomplish your task effectively and efficiently. Even if you try to address your concerns with the lack of resources, your plea will just be swept aside as he/she will berate you for giving excuses.


3.Solving problems on your own

You seek advice from your manager with a problem. However, your manager directs the problem back to you by stating that an employee only presents a solution not a problem to the upper management. Truth is managers are supposed to provide assistance especially when an employee cannot progress their work further. Instead, your manager directs you to come up with a few solutions to your problem immediately. Odds are that none of the solutions you proposed is even the direct solution.


4.Assigned with tasks that do not fit with your job scope or level

There are 2 types of unreasonable tasks that can be assigned to you, either its an unchallenging job that does not fit your current skill level or a far too difficult project that will not guarantee success. While it’s a norm to be tasked with jobs that are under your skill level, but getting stuck with mediocre work can be boring and limiting your learning opportunities. Compared to dealing with a challenging project, proper support and guidance can help things around a lot compared to doing it on your own.


5. Giving you a cold shoulder or a perpetual distraction on him/herself.

When you are trying to engage with your boss, he/she tries to avoid you by distracting with answering phone calls, texting or even avoiding eye contact. The conversation will also be rushed by giving a short or brief response to every question you ask.


6. Removing small talks out of the equation

Your manager made it clear to you that you are just there to work. All unnecessary conversation between you and your boss has been entirely cut out. Most of the engagements would most probably be limited to email or quick phone calls only. Chances are your co-workers may take note on that and stop talking to you too, leaving you in almost complete isolation from any social aspects in the office. The worst things that could come by is that you have been excluded from certain company meetings and being left off from important emails.


7. Lack of rewards and recognition from your contribution

Appreciation is a fundamental human need, especially in the workplace. There is nothing worse than feeling unseen and unheard because your boss just wants to make you feel unwanted. All your credit for your work will instead be taken away by your boss and present them as his own. To add salt to the wound, all your achievement will be downplayed in every turn.


8. There is no opportunity for career advancement

No one desires to work in a dead-end job, but if your manager bypasses you for promotions in the company for “reasons.” Clearly, he/she wants you out of the company. Even without giving new responsibilities and new skill training can deter employees from feeling that they are advancing their career.

It is important to realise if you are disliked by your boss or you’re a low-performing employee. If he/she engages you in one of these tactics to get rid of you. First of all, you need to restrain yourself from making any rash decisions such as rage quitting your job on the spot. If you desire this job, it is best to stand your ground and reach out to the HR or upper management to resolve these issues. The alternative is to start your job search now, revive your resume and refine your interview skills.


How would you cope if your manager tries to get you to resign? Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.


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