Top 16 Unique Photos of the Tetris Challenge from Emergency and Military Services

Top 16 Unique Photos of the Tetris Challenge from Emergency and Military Services

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Emergency service workers, law enforcement officers and military personnel from all over the globe are deploying their equipment just to take part in the latest ‚ÄúTetris Challenge‚ÄĚ which is currently trending on the Internet. The arrangement originally referred to as knolling¬†is merely the process of placing associated items in unison or 90-degree angles as a technique of organisation. The visual is symmetrical, pleasing to the eyes and enables individuals to see a range of items in a single image that is perfect for displaying equipment or inventory. The trend has caught on in Malaysia as well. The Malaysian Royal Army and the Royal Air Force have been arranging photos of their gear and vehicles to give the internet an interesting peek into their various jobs. Check out yourself some of the best highlights.


1.Royal Malaysian Air Force, 18th Squadron F-18D Hornet


2.The boys from the Royal Malay Regiment(RAMD)

Top 16 Unique Photos of the Tetris Challenge from Emergency and Military Services


3.Royal Malaysian Navy Super Lynx

Image Source: Royal Malaysian Navy


4.This what it looks like inside a Swiss Police Car


5.A military medical boxer from the Royal Netherlands Army


6. Swiss Emergency Service: Dog Police Crew







7. Fire Truck from the local fire department of Thusis, Switzerlan


8. Singapore Civil Defence Force РFire & Rescue Response


9. Singapore Civil Defence Force РEmergency Medical Response


10. The Zagreb Fire Department, Croatia


11. The Swedish Search & Rescue(SAR )Helicopter managed by the Swedish Maritime Administration


12. Ambulance Amsterdam РSafety & First Aid Service


13. Royal Netherlands Army Artillery Howitser

14. Republic of China Marine Air Defense


15. Taichung Police Department, Traffic Control

Image Source: Taichung Police Department


16. Taiwan Coast Guard Airborne Corps, Sea Rescue Unit

Image Source: Taiwan Coast Guard Airborne Corps


Which emergency or military services do you think has the best arrangement? Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to and unveil your next job opportunity.

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