How to Pack Into a Single Travel Bag

How to Pack Into a Single Travel Bag

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The idea of packing into a single travel bag is about only bringing things that you only need.  The concept is all about minimalism, refinement and curation where you carry fewer, better quality items for ease of transport. While the concept may not appeal to everyone, but it should be thought to be considered for all travellers when it comes to packing items.


Importance of travelling with a single bag

The biggest advantage for those who travel with a single bag is that you will never have to pay for baggage fees. It’s more secure because your luggage will always be with you throughout the travel. Most importantly you can navigate through a crowded airport on the escalators, stairs and you don’t even have to wait at baggage claim. 


How to pack into a single bag

When it comes to packing, the simplest way to pack less is to provide yourself with less space. Choose to travel in a carry sized bag can be advantageous in terms of packing more efficiently and travelling lighter. While packing light may have its limitation, you should only bring what you wear on an average day. Consider following the Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 principle, where you pack 20% of what you will account for 80% of what you wear.


Here is a simple packing list for guys:

  1. 2 short sleeve shirts
  2. 2 long sleeve shirts(depending on climate)
  3. 1 jacket(if the climate is cold or wet)
  4. 1 pair of convertible pants
  5. 1 pair of shorts(depending on climate)
  6. 1 pair of shoes(shoe type based on personal preference)
  7. 2 pairs of underwear
  8. 2 pairs of socks
  9. 1 belt
  10. 1 toothbrush
  11. 1 bar of soap 
  12. 1 shampoo
  13. 1 toothpaste
  14. 1 bar of deodorant
  15. 1 towel


Here is a simple packing list for ladies:

  1. 1 underwired bra
  2. 1 sports bra
  3. 1 crop top bra
  4. 1 bikini set(only for water activities)
  5. 7 underwear
  6. 3 pair of socks
  7. 1 pair of boxers
  8. 1 tank top
  9. 1 towel
  10. 2 dresses
  11. 1 pair of shorts
  12. 1 pair of jeans
  13. 2 t-shirts
  14. 2 long sleeve tops
  15. 1 jumper
  16. 1 pair of shoes(shoe type based on personal preference)
  17. 1 jacket(if climate is cold or wet)
  18. 1 toothbrush
  19. 1 toothpaste
  20. 1 bar of soap
  21. 1 shampoo
  22. 1 deodorant
  23. Menstrual cups
  24. Epilator and charger
  25. Tweezers
  26. 1 moisturisers
  27. 1 travel-sized conditioner
  28. 1 comb and hair ties
  29. 1 magnifying mirror
  30. 1 lipstick
  31. 1 nail polish remover


No matter how long your travel plans are, always break your packing list into one average week. It would be a whole easier to visualise the essential items that you should bring. If you are planning to travel for more than a week, doing your laundry is mandatory. If you are traveling to a cold climate country, dress in layers. You can save space in your bag instead of packing a heavy sweater. If you are traveling to a very cold and windy weather, wear a jacket for the whole trip instead or you could just buy one once you have landed. If you plan to pack light any weather types, consider fabrics made from wool because it keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer. While high-quality wool clothing can be quite costly, it is definitely worth the purchase since you can wear it under anything and wash it when you need to.


Other essential packing list

1. Accessories(Scarf, sarong, sunglasses, contact lenses)

Pack the essentials you need and functional items like scarves that you can utilise in a few ways.


2. Paperwork(Passport, Local ID, Boarding Pass)

For your passport, make sure that it’s valid for six months beyond the end of your trip. A local ID can serve as extra proof of your identity, for example, a driver’s license. While mobile boarding passes is an option, but it’s always better to have a physical boarding pass for any situations. Last but not least, prepare a physical copy of your itinerary such as transportation or accommodations for reference and convenience throughout your trip. Having copies of your important documents such as your passport, ID and credit cards can be helpful in situations where you lost your original documents. If your credit card is stolen, you still can call in the number to cancel your cards.


3. Electronics(Phone charger, Travel Adapter)

If you are travelling for work, a full-sized laptop would be necessary. But if you can make do with a tablet or just through the apps on your phone that would help with downsizing the number of electronics that you should bring.


4.Miscellaneous gear(Luggage Lock, Water Bottle, Earplugs, Eye Mask, Pen, Notebook, Bool)

These items should be considered if you want to make your travel more comfortable, lighter and safer.


Which carry on luggage to use

Choosing luggage that fits your travel style while following the airline’s regulations are important. Some of the factors that you need to consider include the length of your trip, travel style, whether you need a daypack or personal item, whether you going with one bag and hands-free, or two bags.


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