My First Networking Event

My First Networking Event

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By Melissa LOW


As a college student, word of mouth and advice from baby boomers about career benefits reaped from networking events were abundant. 

A while ago, I moved to Tasmania — rid of common distractions, I ached for something to pique my interest. Then, in my millionth hour spent scrolling the Internet, I had a Facebook notification: Facebook Community Boost added an event that might interest you. Eagerly, I went on my merry way and here’s what I, a newbie, found:

  1. I was inspired. Each speaker started with a story of business owners selling their homes to leverage operations, single mums trading in sewing kits for HQs with employees and more. Knowing that someone who led an otherwise “ordinary” life succeeding in their dreams, fuelled me further into believing in mine.
  2. Utilise the digital tools at our disposal. As a digital native, I cannot imagine life without the one I created with my devices in my right hand. We all know about the unique apps to increase sleep quality and encourage hydration, but what about the ones that teach new skills — not just a plant that reminds you to drink water (no hate, I love my little plant!). I was gobsmacked by various apps that were readily available to boost skills, pick up new ones & dabble into interests I was keen on. Did you know that Facebook introduced Facebook Blueprint, which is packed with free online training in digital marketing such as The Power of Commerce on Facebook and Instagram? Well, I didn’t.
  3. The Community Boost event put a face to the vast information that I acquired from the Internet. I registered for a 1-on-1 session with the digital coach, which was a perk! In turn, the coach gave me qualified feedback and tips about my queries. Listening to all the speeches provided me with vital information as I embark on a new chapter in my life, and I believe I could apply most of the learning in my path to achieving success in life. 

My biggest takeaway is to be always ready with a set of questions when attending such events to glean additional information and learnings from the panel of speakers. All in all, it was an enriching experience, and I look forward to attending and learning from more networking events!


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A digital native with a strong interest in digital marketing, Melissa graduated with a Business (Accounting) degree from RMIT University, Melbourne. She is currently based in Hobart, Tasmania and is keen to explore work opportunities in either digital marketing or accounting, or a combo of both. She can be reached  at


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