11 Netflix Christmas Movies to Binge-Watch

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Christmas is around the corner! We may not have winter here in Malaysia, but thanks to the recent monsoon season, the weather is a little bit chilly compared to the usual. The city traffic is insane during the holidays, therefore, what better way to celebrate Christmas in Malaysia aside from attending open houses and devour some holiday dishes than to binge-watching Christmas movies? Netflix has a bunch of Christmas-y movies suited for everyone in the family ranging from animations, fantasy, royal fanatics, including teens movies! Take out your favourite blanket, get cozy and enjoy these 11 Netflix Christmas movies to binge-watch.



Christmas is not complete without a comedy holiday animation. Not just kids, I think the adults will fancy this first-ever Netflix Originals animated feature film too. Started airing on November 15, a toymaker named Klaus started befriending a selfish postman called Jasper. Together they wish to bring back joy to a cold, dark town.


A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

A royal baby is about to be born as the ultimate Christmas gift for the royal family. However, an ancient curse threatens upon Queen Amber and her family due to stolen priceless artifact thus jeopardising the peace that Aldovia have. What will Queen Amber do to save her royal prince and her family?


Let It Snow

Based on a best-selling novel, Let It Snow is a Netflix film dedicated to all the teens that falls in and out of love, but pretty much just want to have the most memorable time of their teenage lives – even when a snowstorm hits their town on Christmas eve. Said to be comfortably cliché, this movie might just bring back the teenage memories we used to experience back in the day.


Holiday Rush

“What matters most this Christmas is not what you got, but it’s about what you got around you.” After the death of his beloved wife, a radio DJ who is also a father just lost his job right before Christmas. While trying to fulfill all of his spoiled children’s holiday wishes, DJ Rush also tries to tone down his ‘bougie’ past life and discovering what matters most in his life.


Holiday in the Wild

Christmas is not all magical for Kate as her husband ended their marriage during the holiday. What supposedly to be their second honeymoon in Africa, Kate decided to celebrate her Christmas and take a little detour to an elephant orphanage center accompanied by her pilot.


The Knight Before Christmas

When fantasy becomes a reality, this rom-com movie is where a science teacher starred by Vanessa Hudgens meets and then falls for a medieval English knight that believes to be time travelling from the 14th century to the present modern-day. Will the knight stays? What will happen to their relationship?


The Christmas Chronicles

Do you believe in Santa Claus? Yet another family-friendly Christmas movie, go on an adventure with these two siblings Kate and Teddy Pierce where they accidentally witnessed Santa Claus busy hopping from one chimney to another during the night of the holiday. Altogether, they have joined forces to save Christmas before it’s too late.


Home Alone & Home Alone 2

Known as one of the must-watch Christmas movies, ignite your holiday spirit with this famous family comedy film where a boy named Kevin sets up a lot of booby traps to fight the thieves known as the Wet Bandits.


Angela’s Christmas

Based on Pulitzer Prize award-winning author Frank McCourt’s only children’s story, Angela Christmas is a heart-warming family-based tale that captures the innocence and purity of a child that just wants to make sure everyone stays warm, safe and loved – even for a doll, especially during Christmas.


Daddy’s Home 2

Watch how a blissful co-parenting between Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) and Brad (Will Ferrell) turns chaotic when both their fathers – Dusty’s father is a macho guy, while Brad’s father is not so macho decided to come and visit them and the grandkids for Christmas.


The Princess Switch

Yet another rom-com film starred by Vanessa Hudgens, The Princess Switch is about a Duchess trades places with an ordinary woman that looks exactly like her. Regarded as a mold of the famous Hallmark Channel movie, this piece is rather cheesy and cliché you just can’t stop watching it. Perfect to binge-watch on Christmas!


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