HR Technology Trends Changing the Industry

HR Technology Trends Changing the Industry

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Today, employees expect to receive a more multi-faceted and meaningful approach to compensation. This expectation has resulted in HR teams having to leverage new HR technologies to be able to continue delivering enriching experiences within the workplace. Here, you can learn about some of the latest trends and why they may disrupt the key HR functions in the coming years.

The majority of industry analysts believe that with the presence of larger compensation and the benefits paradigm, there’s been a strategic shift. No longer are the conventional perks, benefits, and salary packages enough – modern employees are searching for a much more diversified blueprint.

In fact, modern employees prefer a positive workplace that is focused on achieving a work-life balance, along with employee wellness, paired with continuous feedback, acknowledgment, and recognition. It’s clear that HR must offer a much more holistic and meaningful experience for employees that is powered by the latest HR technologies and easy-to-use solutions like applicant tracking software (learn how exactly ATS works here).


AI Isn’t Going Anywhere

AI is a technology that is quickly gaining popularity across verticals and industries. It is going to continue to make new inroads in HR operations in the coming years. With the use of large amounts of incoming data along with machine or deep learning, AI is able to find trends and enhance the decision-making process used by businesses today. With these tools in place, it is also possible to automate iterative tasks with a much higher level of efficiency and accuracy.

For the modern HR department, this comes with several impacts: improved employee engagement; removing the factor of unconscious bias; improving employee healthcare, and streamlining the recruitment process. This has also resulted in the rise of MLaaS – Machine Learning as a Service, which can be embedded with the latest HR technologies and redefine the very functionality of the HR department.


Sexual Harassment Training Will Include VR Technology

In the past, sexual harassment training was a person-to-person module. At best, it involved CBD – Computer Based Training, which included videos, textual matter, and slideshows. It is essential to remember that these types of training methods may not provide the desired impact. This is where VR may make a huge impact.

This type of immersive platform helps in the creation of real-time simulations, which improves a person’s ability to assimilate various prevention techniques and to boost overall bystander intervention. Due to the success of this technology has provided thus far, it is believed that this new HR technology is going to outpace the more traditional legacy model that has been used for sexual harassment training in the past.


The Growing Relevance of Augmented Analytics

A new and emerging technological tool is also making a splash in the HR realm, and it is called augmented analytics. This is designed to provide HR teams with the ability to analyze people’s data in a way that is much more user-friendly and to arrive at a much deeper insight. In several ways, the use of augmented analytics is considered the next wave of overall disruption in the space of data analytics, helping to automate insights with the use of natural language generation paired with machine learning.

With the framework of augmented analytics in place, it can help to sort through the data reservoirs that a company has, cleanse all the information, and offer clear steps or points for the HR teams with very little oversight needed from a data specialist.

With HR leaders working to amplify and expand their abilities and their overall team size, there is no question that data is going to play a crucial role. This is when the use of augmented analytics is really going to become invaluable, as it is going to be a serious differentiator.


Embracing the Changes Coming to the HR Industry

Now is the time for businesses – of all sizes and in all industries – to jump on the tech-bandwagon and take advantage of all the advances that are being made in this industry. By doing so, it will be possible for anyone to make the most out of the information that is available to them and ensure that the needs of employees are met in the changing workplace. 


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