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10 Office Desk Exercises to Stay Fit and Productive

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Us office workers spend most of our Mondays to Fridays (even on the weekends!) bound to our desks and seats, commuting back and forth to work, driving through the horrendous traffic every single day, have numerous meetings, picking up clothes from the dry cleaning, fetching our pets from pet sitters, buying groceries and the list goes on. So how can us office workers stay healthy? Easy office desk exercises might be the answer!

The thought of wanting to stay fit while juggling with hectic schedules just seems quite impossible for one to achieve. However, a workout even the simple ones not only keeps you in shape and healthy but it also boosts the endorphins hence helps relieves stress effectively. 

Mind you that sitting for prolonged hours can cause you harm as it may increase the risk of obesity, heart ailments, backaches, poor body posture, leg cramps, including tense muscles. We sure don’t want to look and feel older than our actual age correct? 

Here are some of the office desk exercises to stay fit and productive that you can easily do within your cubicle or desk area.


Tricep Dips

Avoid wheeled chair at all costs for this type of workout. You can try to do 20 dips for this one.


Arm Circles

This workout is so easy you can even do it in your sleep. Do 20 circles each direction.


Wall Push Ups

In a lunch break? Why not do wall push ups for 20 reps?


Calf Raises

Another easy workout that you can do while answering calls at your desk or printing documents.


Wall Sit

Looks easy to you? This workout will definitely bring out the soreness of your thighs.


Seated Bicycle Crunch

Who said bicycle crunch can’t be done while sitting on a chair? Think again!


Seated Knee Raise

This is one of the subtle office desk exercises that you can do without people noticing. Do 20 reps and feel the burn.


Water Bottle Weights

Say goodbye to dumbells. Just use two filled water bottles and voila, you got yourself a simple arm toning exercise!


Seated Straight Leg Raises

This workout targets your leg and abdominal area. You can also try adding weight to your legs by looping your backpack or briefcase for extra burn.


Standing Hamstring Curl

Targeting the hamstring area, you can do this simple exercise while you’re on the phone. Do 10 reps for each leg.


You’d be surprised on how these easy office desk exercises can help improve your strength and burn those unwanted baby fat of yours. Share with us your favourite workout in the comment section below. Visit to unveil your next job opportunity!

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