Top 8 Chinese New Year Video Commercials in 2020

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With Chinese New Year looming in closer, top companies and brands in Malaysia are producing festive video ads to catch the spirit of the celebration. Every year we have seen some of the best advertisements that are blend in with high humour, tear-jerking moments and heartfelt storytelling. Take a look at some of the best Chinese New Year video commercials for this year!


1. Setia CNY TVC 2020 – The Many Celebrations

This year, SetiaToday tells you that even when older traditions are slowly forgotten, they are placed with new ones while most still retain. Unlike most advertisements, the entire premise is narrated in a poem to remind us of the greatest of gifts during the New Year are always the one from our hearts during the festive celebration.


2. Happy Chinese New Year 2020 with EcoWorld

EcoWorld’s video this year wishes everyone to appreciate every moment during the Chinese New Year. The video depicts that wherever we are, always cherish and reminisce from the previous celebrations as some things will never change as we drift apart to advance our life for the better.


3. Eu Yan Sang Malaysia CNY2020

The heart wrenching short video follows the life of a young girl whose family members do not truly treat her as their own. As the year passes, the girl decides to move out of the house to find where she truly belongs or to turn back.


4. Daikin CNY 2020 : The Twins

Daikin launched a short film, titled “The Twins” which follows a family of three, where the Chinese family generally favours the son over the daughter. However, a tragedy in the family changes everything as each member struggles to cope with the loss.


5. RHB Chinese New Year 2020: Heart Baker

Based on a true event, the short video is about Leah Choy hardship to raise money for her sister, Adele’s treatment for a brain injury. Since the age of 4, she has made leaps and bounds to help her sister until today by baking cupcakes. At the age of 10 years old, she has become a celebrated baker who strives to make life a little better every day for her beloved sister.


6. CNY 2020: HUATever you want, Grab got!

GRAB’ short video starts with a scene where we are most familiar with before the Chinese New Year begins as everyone in the family is doing things the very last minute while pushing responsibilities among each other. Eventually, the duty falls to the youngest member of the family as he needs to master the kung fu arts in overcoming the challenges of doing housework.


7. Maxis CNY 2020 – The Most Unforgettable Chinese New Year 忆起过年

The short video starts with a daughter and his father that is suffering from dementia and how she has to do her very best to look after him all by herself. 


8. #HLBCNY2020 – The Grown Ups’ Table

This Chinese New Year, Ah Girl is determined to earn her place at the Grown Ups’ Table. Will she succeed? 


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