5 Easy Tips for Disinfecting Your Workspace the Smart Way

5 Easy Tips for Disinfecting Your Workspace the Smart Way

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With most people heading back to work, it’s natural for thoughts to turn to how to best clean surfaces that can help reduce the risk of spreading illness. Although most researchers determine that respiratory droplets are the main cause of how coronavirus is transmitted, the possibility of virus to remain on surfaces for hours or days is still a concern. There are nonetheless some areas of your workspace you might overlook. Here’s how you can approach an office scrub, as well as identify and disinfect some common germ hot spots.

1. Focus on high-touch surfaces and clean them frequently

High-touch surfaces are exactly what they sound like, which is areas in your office that get handled and touched regularly. Think doorknobs, light switches, appliance handles, toiletries, faucets and office essentials. Most importantly don’t forget laptops, keyboards, desk, and phones. Once you wide down a surface in a single direction, don’t wipe back over it in the opposite direction because it can deposit germs that were just cleaned up. Common areas that need to be disinfected include:


  • Staplers and tape dispensers
  • Stationeries
  • Chairs, Tables and Other Furniture
  • Refreshment spaces
  • Countertops


2. Using just soap and water

While disinfecting products claims that it can kill 99.9% of germs are best in these situations, there’s another way if you are having a hard time getting those supplies for your office. A simple dish soap in water will suffice. It won’t kill organisms, but it can certainly remove them from the surface especially on high-touch surfaces. Keep in mind not to use these solutions on electronics. Diluted bleach works to kill germs and 70% alcohol solutions will work as well. Keep in mind that bleach and other cleaners can affect certain surfaces. So always remember to do some research and make sure the products that you want to use won’t cause any damage before you start cleaning.


3. Encourage keeping hand clean 

Place hand washing and drying signs throughout the workplace from the meeting room to the bathroom to remind everyone to wash their hands regularly or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Last but not least, don’t forget to dry hands frequently because germs can spread with moisture.


4. Clean first before disinfecting

Start cleaning with a detergent or soap and water solution which helps to remove particles that can potentially carry germs on surfaces. This can help to reduce the risk before disinfection begins which helps a whole lot more for disinfectant to be even more effective. Remember to use disposable gloves, gowns and masks as well for cleaning as well as for disinfection. Once the cleaning is complete, carefully remove and dispose of them away immediately after disinfection and trash disposal.


5. Cleaning open office area

If you are working in an open office space where people can come and go easily, it is important to clean all equipment, workstations and surfaces as soon as they move to a different spot. Any waste left behind the workspace should be properly disposed of by wearing gloves and wash your hands with soap.


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