How Not to be Lazy While at Work

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Have you ever thought about the reasons why you’re lazy? Is it because you don’t feel like doing anything or regrets when your life would be so much easier if you weren’t so lazy in the first place. The truth is, it’s in our nature to feel lazy especially under circumstances to conserve our physical and mental strength. But when the responsibilities matter to us, we can push in so much effort to ensure that things get done. Laziness can also appear when something not that important falls upon you. It’s not part of your life, it’s an indicator of the fact you do not entirely enjoy or want to do something about it.


The “Lazy” mindset

Our mind always thinks that if something does not affect your life, the less effort you can put in. What if something that appears frequently is not all that essential? You may be even more tempted to feel lazy to work on it. This is essentially an automatic reaction and it is not helpful to you.

How not to be lazy?

First of all, you need to realise that laziness is not a personality trait and there are a variety of ways that can lead you into the lazy mental state. Some of the lazy-inducing activities include:

  • drinking alcohol etc
  • eating junk food 
  • watching videos while at work
  • spending time on social media 


While it does not entirely mean that you avoid doing these activities ever again. But if you want to stay productive, you should refrain from indulging into these activities while at work. If you find yourself deep into the lazy mental state, it would take some time to get yourself out and start working. Similar to how you learn to walk when you are an infant, you need to take small baby steps to get yourself out of that zone. Start by following these productive state inducing activities:

  • put down or stop doing any lazy-inducing activities
  • take a break to let your mind rest for a bit
  • pick some relevant work materials and read casually
  • list down things that you want to do
  • work for 10 minutes and then take a few minute break
  • get back to 30 minutes of work and then take a couple of minute break (repeat this step until you are done working)


Remember that your mind is always trying to trick you into thinking you are inherently lazy so that you won’t have to make any effort on your work. If you are trying to get yourself out of the lazy state, practice and take it slow. The most important lesson is to keep moving in the right direction, step by step.

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