7 Mental Tricks On How to Stop Worrying About What Your Colleagues Think

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Of all the important things that you need to worry about at work, what your colleagues think, should be the least of your concern. This is especially true when negative things happen to you. This kind of thought can sometimes be hard to ignore, and it can be unpleasant, which could negatively affect your work productivity. If you are always worrisome or anxious about these situations, these 7 mental tricks can help you to stop worrying about what your colleagues think.

1. Stop pleasing everyone

People at your workplace will always judge you regardless of what you do, so it’s unwise to try to impress everyone’s expectations. It’s hard to determine how much others are struggling. Instead, try your best to make your colleagues feel easier, especially if they are struggling at work. Chances are, you may find that your concerns are less important.

3. Remind yourself that not everyone is that interested in you

People at the workplace generally don’t care about you as much as you think they do. Psychologists refer to it as the tendency to overestimate how much other people focus on you, the “spotlight effect.”

4. Tell yourself a different perspective

No one can tell or make you feel a certain way, it all comes down to how you interpret their behaviour. If you make a minor mistake and your colleagues laugh at you, take it as you are cheering them up instead of overthinking how stupid you are.

5. Tell yourself that it’s okay to care what others think about you

Sometimes it’s fine to care about your reputation depending on the situation. The key is not letting that concern overwhelm you. Most importantly, you want to focus more on what you think about yourself compared to what others think of you.

6. Learn to control your thoughts, not theirs

Mentally strong people do not always focus on things that are not in their control like other people’s thoughts. Once you start to shift your focus away from other people’s thoughts, you will be happier with your work and feeling less stressed out.

7. Meet and engage more people

Every person has a different perspective and opinion, one person’s negative perception of you does not matter much. Once you start to get along with more people at your workplace, your overall job satisfaction will improve as well. Once you are ready to build new relationships, take the time to learn about your coworkers and most importantly show respect even if the person is not someone you can get along with.

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