8 Reasons Why Every Workplace Needs Morning Meeting

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Morning meeting is a daily time to gather with everyone and help frame the day for success. At times it can be called a daily check-in or morning circle. The concept is straightforward, the team leaders sit with their coworkers, greet each other, talk about work that matters, and provide everyone with a chance to share. If you’re working online, it’s worth noting that morning meetings can be done virtually online as well. 

1. Morning meetings can establish strong relationships

By meeting and discussing topics that are related to work, you are helping everyone to establish a strong relationship and a climate of trust. Not only do the team leaders get to know about their coworkers on a deeper level, but the rest will also learn from each other, too. During this period, everyone will likely share their thoughts, problems and needs about their current work. 

2. Morning meeting can be a good opportunity to share social-emotional learning(SEL) skills

Spend time talking about skills that matter such as growth mindset, developing goals, responsible decisions, time management, self-control, self-confidence and work ethic. Sharing about these skills directly can make a difference for everyone in the meeting.

3. Morning meeting can be an outlet for discussing stress

The main focus is that with time and consistency, morning meetings can be an opportunity where everyone can feel comfortable voicing their concerns, thoughts and needs. Most importantly, morning meetings can provide the best setting to discuss ways to manage stress such as coping skills and healthy habits.

4. Morning meeting can help everyone in problem-solving

Everyone has to deal with challenging situations on a daily or weekly basis. Morning meetings can be the opening space where your coworkers can ask for feedback or ideas about how to solve a particular problem in their work.

5. Morning meetings build a positive work relationship in the workplace

Establishing a a positive work relationship means caring about each other, working together and providing support whenever is needed. Once you kick-start your day with your group and talk about issues that matter to your coworkers, it helps create a foundation for everyone in the office. Not only does this benefit your team by displaying skills for working together, but it also projects a feeling that everyone is in this together.

6. Morning meetings can teach and discuss work-related skills

Morning meetings can be a platform for everyone to teach skills such as time management, getting organized and specific skills relevant to everyone. While, in the busy work schedule, there isn’t always an opportunity for everyone to pick up new skills, which is why morning meetings can be the perfect time to conduct it.

7. Morning meeting shows that all voices are equally important

One of the most important aspects of having a morning meeting is that everyone has a chance to share. Once morning meeting becomes a daily activity, it teaches people to respect and listen to one another. Not only is this an important value in the workplace, but an important life skill, too. Giving an opportunity shows that every voice matters by starting with a daily meetup

8. Morning meetings increase work engagement

Daily check-in and discussion time can be the best way to help energize and engage everyone’s mind at the start of the day. Morning meetings focused on social-emotional learning can help everyone become more focused, alert and ready to go for the rest of the working day.

Now that you understand the significance of organizing daily morning meetings, give them a try! Leave us your thoughts on the comment sections below. Head over to Jobstore.com and unveil your next job opportunity.

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