13 Best Mobile Apps That You Must Have on Your Phone

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There are a wide array of apps flooded in the web market, with new ones added daily. While some of the most prominent apps such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, that are considered essential software in your phones. What about apps that provide high value but gain very little recognition? Here is a list of 13 best mobile apps that you should consider adding into your phone for convenience.

1.AccuBattery: Regarded as one of the best battery management apps. The app is capable of accurately analysing the truce capacity of your device battery and showing you its wear over time. AccuBattery also advises you on how to charge your phone the property way based on scientific research.

2.AppsFree: A simple and straightforward app that showcases a list of paid apps that are free for a limited period.

3.Bottled: Essentially a messaging app that allows you to send a message to a person in a random country, from there you are free to interact with one another. 

4.CheckMyTrip: An essential app for people who travel frequently which helps with flight planning/checking/itinerary.

5.Garmin Connect: One of the best sports companion mobile apps for health and fitness. It tracks your sleep pattern, heart rate and you can set up new workouts for yourself to complete. The app itself does not consume much battery power even if it’s connected via Bluetooth.

6.Simple Gallery Pro: A simple gallery app that is highly customizable that provides photo editing and file organizing with its user-friendly interface. One of the best features that this app provides is the capability to view a huge range of picture and video formats.

7.LastPass: A handy app that helps you generate and manage your passwords while securing your personal information in a secure site. You can use this app to store your logins, passwords, online profiles and many more.

8.Moasure: An app that allows you to measure anything with just your phone. Other features include measuring for a 300m/1000ft tape measure, ruler, protractor and a goniometer(angle measurer).

9.Office Lens: Regarded as one of the best photo scanning and photo-to-note apps for office use. With this app, you can capture pictures of whiteboards and documents to be readable. Office Lens also provides users with the option to convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files and save them on your local drive.

10.SD Maid Pro: Sick of all the hassle with removing old files and unused apps? SD Maid Pro is a great tool to keep your device clean and tidy by removing superfluous files. Other features include detecting duplicate files, running tools automatically on a schedule and optimizing databases. 

11.Speechnote: A superb tool that records your voice and converts it into text. The app is capable of recognizing if you are taking a long pause in between talking and it removes any duplicate words.

12.CleanFox – A useful app that helps you unsubscribe to all the junk mails such as newsletters, spam and advertisements with ease.

13.Tempmail – Allows you to set up a temporary email to sign up for services and access their content, it’s a handy tool if you are frequently accessing sites that require you to sign up to view their content.


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