16 MindBlowing Science Fiction Movies That You Should This Weekend!

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If you are looking for movies that will check you out of reality altogether, you’re in luck! There is a wide range of movie genres out there that could blow your mind away, this round instead is a take on some of the must-watch science fiction movies over the weekend.


1. 12 Monkeys(1995)

A convict has decided to volunteer for an important mission, wherein he is required to travel back in time to find out the main reason behind the outbreak of virulent holocaust.


2. 2001: A Space Odyssey(1968)

An imposing black monolith establishes a connection between the past and the future in this adaptation of a story by revered sci-fi author Arthur C.Clarke. When a couple of astronauts are sent on a mission, their ship’s computer starts to display strange behaviour, leading to one of the tensest showdowns in cinema history. 


3. Arrival(2016)

A linguistics expert Louise Banks, along with a group of scientists, must interpret the language of aliens who’ve descended on Earth in a mysterious spaceship in 12 locations around the world. As the world is about to wage a global war against the extraterrestrial, Louise has to take this opportunity to unravel the mystery before a catastrophic event could potentially end all of mankind.


4. Bandersnatch(2018)

Throughout the film, viewers make decisions for the main character, a young programmer as he decided to question reality when he pickup’s a mad writer’s fantasy novel into a video game in 1984. 


5. Brazil(1985)

A low-level bureaucrat escapes the monotony of his normal daily life through a recurring daydream of himself as a hero saving a beautiful damsel. The film sets in a dystopian world in which there is an over-reliance on poorly maintained machines. 


6. Coherence(2013)

A group of friends at a dinner party experience a mind-numbing chain of events due to the malevolent influence of a passing comet.


7. Cube(1997)

A group of people awaken only to find themselves placed in a giant cube. Each person is gifted with a unique skill and they must work together if they want to escape an endless maze filled with deadly traps. 


8. Dark City(1998)

A man named John Murdoch awakens alone in a hotel only to find himself that he is a wanted man for a series of murders. The problem is he cannot remember whether he committed such acts or not. As he seeks to unravel the riddle of his identity, he encounters a group of ominous beings collectively known as the Strangers.


9. Ex Machina(2014)

A young programmer gets an opportunity to take part in a scientific experiment where he is required to assess artificial intelligence by interacting with a female robot. It soon becomes apparent that the robot is far more self-aware and deceptive than he imagined. 


10. eXistenZ(1999)

The movie takes place sometime in the near future when game developers are looked upon as superstars and players can organically enter inside the games designed by Allegra Geller. After a hardcore fan tries to kill her, she runs into Ted a young businessman. In an attempt to save her game, Allegra and Ted engage in a series of experiences that divide the lines between fantasy and reality.


11. Moon(2009)

Astronaut Sam Bell experiences a personal crisis as he nears the end of a three-year solitary stint mining helium-3 on the far side of the Moon. Together with his robot companion named GERTY, they are tasked with sending back to Earth parcels of a resource that will help diminish Earth’s power problems. 


12. Mr.Nobody(2009)

In 2092, a 118-year-old man who is the last human on Earth reflects on his long past and thinks about the lives he might have led after the human race has achieved quasi-immortality. 


13. Nineteen Eighty-Four(1984)

A low-ranking civil servant loses his identity while living under a repressive regime in a war-torn London ruled by Oceania, a totalitarian superstate. 


14. One Point 0(2004)

After receiving a mysterious empty package inside his apartment, a young computer-programmer begins to conduct a personal investigation into their origins.


15. Predestination(2014)

A temporal agent receives his last assignment where he is required to travel back in time to prevent a bomb attack in New York, 1975. The assignment eventually turns out to be beyond the bounds of possibility.


16. Primer(2004)

A couple of intellectual engineers build and sell error-checking technology with the help of their friends, but they soon realize that they accidentally invent what they think is the time machine.


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