10 Best Food Delivery Service in Malaysia (Sep 2021)

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Order food online has became the most popular thing to do during the pandemic, it is much more convenient for you to have your favorite meals delivered to your doorstep. And now, thanks to the various food delivery services available in the market, you can have everything you want to be delivered to your doorstep. And some of these services not only provide food delivery but also extending their services to deliver groceries too.

Discover how you can have your favorite food delivered to your doorstep with our list of top 10 best food delivery service in Malaysia below!

  1. Grab Food Delivery

Grab Food is part of the famous Grab Company, which provides e-hailing services. The Grab Food Delivery allows its user to order food from restaurants within the range of the delivery address and have them delivered by Grab riders.

What is more interesting about the food delivery service from Grab Food is that some of the restaurants on their list are offering prices that are the same as in-store. This provides convenience and helps you to save money too.

You can download the Grab apps, and instantly browse your favorite food near you that can be delivered through Grab Food Delivery. A delivery service fee will be charged, but do not worry, because the service they provided is nothing if compared to the charges.

  1. Foodpanda

This is one very famous panda in Malaysia because they are delivering food to almost everyone throughout the country. The company provides food delivery services for restaurants around the area of the delivery address.

You can browse for your favorite meals from restaurants in your area through the Foodpanda apps, and have them delivered to your doorstep by the Foodpanda riders. Since the restaurants available are only from your nearby area, you will need to add and confirm your delivery address in order to browse for food.

Apart from food delivery, Foodpanda is also providing groceries delivery services, whereby their riders will be delivering groceries to your doorstep. This provides so much convenience, especially during the lockdown period and the movement to supermarkets is limited.

  1. DeliverEat

This food delivery service provider started in 2012 at Penang, because the founders are committed to delivering food to hungry Penangites. DeliverEat is a platform that provides food delivery, as well as delivery services to their customers.

You can opt to either pick your favorite food and have them delivered to your doorstep, or choose to send parcels, food that you’ve cooked, or other items to your loved ones. The delivery fees and charges are calculated automatically by the apps, and it is based on distance.

DelieverEat delivers food through their motorbike riders. How the apps works are pretty simple. You would need to enter your current location, start to browse for your favorite food, and instantly get them delivered to your doorstep.

You can also opt for cash payments or the online payment method.

Learn more about how you can buy food, deliver items and parcels, or advertise your food business on their website.

  1. EASI

EASI is a platform where all the parties are conveniently connected. The company is committed to delivering convenience to everyone, not only limited to their customers, but to food merchants too. And in between connecting these two parties, the food delivery riders are able to gain income, which opens for more job opportunities.

Their vision is just brilliant, and now, they have extended their services to merchants selling other items too. Not only limited to food, but EASI also provides delivery services from florist, as well as documents and parcels delivery, and cleaning and laundry services.

It is super easy how you can get so much done with just one app. Find out what EASI can offer you by downloading their apps. Start browsing for your favorite meals, or get your errands fixed.

  1. Hometaste

Do you miss your mom’s home cooked meals? Do not worry because, with Hometaste, you can get home cooked meals delivered to your doorstep every day.

The company connects home chefs with customers from all over the Klang Valley, with the goal to deliver home cooked meals to as many people as possible.

They have been operating since 2017, and since then, they have been actively delivering yummy and tasty home cooked meals to their customers.

How it works is pretty simple. Customers can browse for delicious home cooked meals from home chefs in their neighborhood area, and instantly order whether they like. Hometaste riders will be picking up the meals and deliver them to the customer’s doorstep right away. 

  1. Pop Meals

Popmeals is not your normal everyday food delivery service, because they are not simply connecting food merchants with customers, but they are preparing the food themselves and deliver it to their customers.

Yes, Popmeals operates its own kitchen and offers a variety of delicious meals. You can browse for their menu from their website, or simply download the Popmeals to get access to delicious and yummy food.

What is so great about Popmeals is that their food is priced reasonably, so it would help you get access to good food at the best price. To save more money, you can also subscribe to Popmeals SELECT, which grants you a 20% discount for every meal purchase.  And the delivery from their riders is pretty fast too.

  1. EasyEats

EasyEats is one of the best food delivery service in Malaysia that is committed to making food delivery swift and easy. As the name implies, they are aiming at easing everyone to eat their favorite meals. And this is done by them building a digital infrastructure that connects restaurants to the customers.

Digitalization is taking over the world, and with EasyEats is part of the modernization that is happening today. With the ease that this food delivery service is providing, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home anymore. All your meals can be delivered to your doorstep.

How it works is simple. The digital infrastructure connects the restaurant owner, and the customer, and this gap are bridged by the EasyEats delivery drivers. This way, all your favorite food can be delivered to you, without you even leaving your home.

  1. RunningMan Delivery

No, this is not the Korean Running Man, but this Running Man is one of the best online food delivery service in Malaysia. The company offers food delivery services without any minimum order, and the delivery fee starts from as low as RM1.00 only.

The services they provided are crafted with the idea of providing convenience to everyone. And they are also committed to providing a wide variety of food choices, including hawker stalls and local restaurants.

To date, RunningMan has served more than 30,000 hungry customers around Klang Valley, and many more cities around the country. To check whether your city is included in their delivery range, simply download and browse through their apps.

Upon downloading the apps, you can select your area, and started viewing all the restaurants near you. Simply pick your favorite food, and checkout through their payment method. And all you need to do now is waiting for the delivery guy to knock on your day with the food ready. 

  1. FoodTime

FoodTime is another food delivery service provider that connects customers to their favorite restaurants. They have the vision of creating a mobile food court that allows the customers to order food just by clicking a few buttons on their smartphones.

FoodTime is also assuring their customers that no additional charges are charged to them, and every transaction is simply done through the apps only. No need for long phone calls to reach the restaurant or having to pay physically. Food delivery is just super easy with FoodTime.

More reason to order your food through Food Time is that the exclusive deals they are offering. Customers can get access to special discounts and vouchers, thus, being able to enjoy your favorite meals for less.

  1. AirAsia Food

No, you didn’t read the company name wrong, because Air Asia is now a food delivery service provider, through their sub-business category called Air Asia Food. You can get your favorite food and satisfy your cravings by ordering through the Air Asia website, or their mobile apps.

Air Asia Food offers a variety of local and western cuisine and has famous restaurants and food merchants under their list. Apart from the delivery service, you can also order from the website or mobile apps and choose to self-pick up your food from the restaurant.

The platform by Air Asia provides the easiest and most convenient way of fixing your cravings, as well as having your favorite meals and dishes delivered to you. 



So, what are you waiting for? Order your food with your preferred food delivery service provider now and enjoy your favorite meals delivered to your doorstep.

With the ease of the 10 best food delivery service in Malaysia, everyone has the freedom to dine from their favorite restaurants, enjoy delicious food and beverages without even leaving the comfort of their home. It is amazing how your favorite food is just a few clicks away.

Click your favorite food, checkout, and wait for your meals to arrive!

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