Four Jobs In Tech For Women Who Don’t Need To Code

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If you’re a woman who wants to learn how to code, please do. We need you. But if you don’t want to code, there are still plenty of ways to work in the future-proof tech industry. Part of the gender gap in tech is due to the fact that many people equate a career in tech with highly technical skills. Women from disadvantaged backgrounds and those who don’t live in tech hubs might not know about the non-technical roles available to them.

With the tech industry booming during COVID-19, it’s clear that more women deserve to know about the amazing opportunities that fit their skills and passions — with no coding required. Here are five jobs to consider.

Customer success manager

Customer success is an emerging field whose importance will continue to grow. 72% of businesses say that improving customer success is their top priority. It’s no wonder. Acquiring a new customer can cost six to seven times as much as retaining an existing one.

Customer success managers are in charge of helping software customers get the most out of their subscriptions. This differs from customer service because they work proactively (not reactively). CS managers speak with customers individually, host group webinars, and create training materials to guide customers through the software’s features.

Average base pay: RM4.5K.

Digital marketer

Within marketing, there are dozens of roles, including copywriting, graphic design, ad management, and marketing automation. Even the more technical responsibilities within marketing like automation, data integration, and attribution don’t require coding skills, because popular marketing apps are designed to be easy to use and integrate.

While there are lots of opportunities for creative women in marketing, women who are great at project management can succeed, too, because much of digital marketing is about pulling the right talents together.

Average base pay: RM5k.

Business development

Getting a job as a business development is smart, because BDs tend to stay in their role for only an average of 16 months before getting promoted to other positions in business development or sales at the same company.

BDs are in charge of filling the pipeline for the account executives who handle sales calls and follow-ups. They use a variety of tools and strategies to deliver leads and at the same time learn the world of software sales.

Average base pay: RM4.8k.

Product manager

Product managers don’t have to know how to code. They’re in charge of translating the user’s needs into product decisions to help craft the roadmap for the software engineers. They prioritize feature ideas so that the product matches the demands of the market.

There isn’t a clear-cut path to product management, so you’ll likely need to start your tech journey in another role, such as customer success or UX writing. Another option is to earn a product management certification online to shore up your existing experience outside of tech.

Average base pay: RM10K

Working in the tech industry requires that you understand why customers use your company’s technology, but not how to build or maintain it. The more women who join tech companies in any capacity, the better.

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