Featured 10 best ecommerce jobs in 2022

Featured 10 best ecommerce jobs in 2022

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Since consumers seem to be switching to online shopping, there’s no better time than now to get immersed in the world of ecommerce. This could be either starting your own ecommerce business or trying out ecommerce jobs.

While it’s not easy to start an ecommerce business, its growing popularity seems to be a great motivation for those who are playing around with the idea. Likewise, if you want to dip your toes in the business by browsing available ecommerce jobs, now is the time to do so.

So, if you’re in search of ecommerce jobs, you’re probably wondering what job positions are out there in this field. This guide is here to help you with just that. We have laid out the best and most sought after ecommerce jobs, and we have explained in detail all there is to know about a certain job, like the salary you can expect and what kind of skills or degrees will be required of you.

Here are the best job opportunities available in the ecommerce job market.

  1. Ecommerce web developers jobs

Every online store comes with a website. The design, aesthetic, and functionality of the website have a huge role to play in how the customer finds the online shopping experience. If the website is hard to navigate, slow, and visually unappealing, chances are the customers won’t be too eager to purchase something from that website.

For that reason, behind every successful ecommerce business is an outstanding web developer.

Job description: the role of every web developer is to design and create the websites used for ecommerce businesses. Basically, it’s their job to take care of the website, both in terms of appearance and performance.

Job requirements: web developers are required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Web development or a related field. Needless to say, candidates should also have knowledge in programming and web design. On top of that, they will need to be familiar with applications and practices like JavaScript, CSS, HTML. Web developers should ideally be team players who can work in a team and perform well under stress.

Salary: the average monthly salary for web developers is around RM7,000. You can go as high as RM10,000 if you’re incredibly gifted and lucky. For beginners, the salary is usually around RM3,000.

2. Ecommerce business analysts jobs

If you like numbers, then this is the right job for you. Business analysts are crucial for every company, and ecommerce is no exception.

Job description: your role as an ecommerce business analyst will be to track the data and give adequate advice as to how the business can go forward by increasing profit and sales. Your duties as a business analyst also include financial modeling, forecasting, and reporting on your insights.

Job requirements: in order to become a business analyst in a company, you will need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Management, Business Studies or IT. Having related experience is preferred but not always necessary. In addition, you also have to be familiar with using Excel and similar spreadsheet software.

Salary: the average business analyst monthly salary is RM6,000, with the exception of bonuses. Over the years, if you advance in your role, you might reach RM10,000.

3. Ecommerce project manager jobs

If you’re a natural leader who likes being in charge, then an ecommerce manager might be the perfect job for you.

Job description: ecommerce project managers are a part of most businesses. A project manager is someone who overlooks the team and their activities, assigns roles, responsibilities and projects and measures progress – all of which includes a lot of verbal communication. In certain companies, they also interact with the customers in order to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the business.

Job requirements: an ecommerce project manager should ideally have a Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field, although it’s not always a requirement. Since it’s an important role, most companies prefer to have their project managers have previous working experience. Your communicational and organizational skills need to be exceptional and you also need to be familiar with Microsoft Office, and similar software, including project management apps like Basecamp, Trello, Asana, Microsoft Project, ProofHub, Filestage, and others.

Salary: ecommerce project managers monthly salary at RM6,000 on average. Beginner ecommerce managers usually have a lower salary of around RM4,000. You can earn up to RM10,000 as an ecommerce project manager.

4. Ecommerce customer service representative jobs

Customer satisfaction is what makes or breaks a business. If customers have any inquiries, complaints or problems, they turn to the customer service representative.

Job description: those who are hired as customer service representatives will be in constant communication with clients and correspond with them on a regular basis, through email and social media messages. You might have to help customers with their orders or with any issue they might be having after they’ve ordered a certain item. It’s your responsibility to follow up on the clients and make sure they’re satisfied with their order and that they’ve had a great customer experience.

Job requirements: dealing with people isn’t an easy task, so most businesses prefer that their potential customer service representatives have previous working experience. You need to be a good communicator (which includes excellent verbal and written communication skills) and be well-organized. Sometimes, being fluent in more than one language will also be required.

Salary: the average salary for customer service representatives is RM4,000 per month. This amount is subject to change depending on where you live and your previous experience with customer service.

5. Ecommerce order clerks jobs

When selling certain products through ecommerce, ecommerce business owners will need someone who is responsible for receiving orders for the products, as well as processing the customer’s information like shipping details and handling receipts. This person is known as an order clerk.

Job description: order clerks need to process customer information like their name, address, and contact number, which includes filling out forms and documents. Sometimes, order clerks are also responsible for customer communication, which entails informing their customers about the shipping dates or any possible delays. You will also need to handle the orders – prepare them and ship them out. On top of that, you will also be responsible for the order follow-ups, like filing copies of the orders or other paperwork.

Job requirements: order clerks are required to have a high school diploma. They need to be incredibly organized, have knowledge of Microsoft Office or similar software and be a great and effective communicator. Having a previous working experience is preferred, but not always required.

Salary: order clerks get paid around RM3,000 on average per month. For those who have previous experience, the amount tends to be higher.

6. Ecommerce SEO content writer jobs

If someone wants more clicks on their ecommerce website, then it’s crucial that they have SEO-optimized content on the website, maybe even a blog section with a steady flow of content production. This section will not only result in sales, but it will also be really informative for the readers, so it’s a win-win situation. And that’s why most companies hire SEO content writers.

Job description: SEO content writers are crucial for search engine optimisation. Your job as an SEO content writer will be to produce content that is SEO-optimised – whether that’s product descriptions or blog posts for the accompanying blog of the website you’re working for. This could either mean writing new content from scratch or updating older content in order to boost traffic. You will need to pay special attention to SEO guidelines. Apart from this, you will also be asked to backlink and do keyword research.

Job requirements: one of the most important things for SEO content writers is having outstanding verbal and written communication skills. You will need SEO knowledge for some positions, but some companies will be happy to include SEO training for beginners. In addition, you will need basic knowledge of Google, Google Docs, or WordPress, knowledge of keyword research tools like Jaaxy, Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush, and content management tools like WordPress, Magento, and Joomla.

Salary: the monthly average content writer’s salary is RM4,500. In some companies, you will receive a yearly bonus, but this will depend on how generous the company is. If you have previous working experience, then your initial salary might be higher than the average.

7. Ecommerce delivery driver jobs

All the products sold on an ecommerce website need to be delivered to all the loyal customers. This is where delivery drivers come in. The number of delivery drivers a company employs will depend on the company’s size and how many sales they make per week.

Job description: your role as a delivery driver for an ecommerce business will be to gather the items which are sold to the customers, load them, and deliver them to their addresses. The kinds of items you transport will depend on the company you’re working for, ranging from cosmetics to household items. You will be in charge of making sure that the orders are complete and correct. Depending on your contract, you might also be in charge of handling payment in person.

Job requirements: this job requires exceptional organizational and time management skills. Having a valid driver’s license is crucial for this job. Most companies will require you to have a high school diploma. Previous experience is usually preferred.

Salary: the average delivery driver can earn around RM4,200 per month. Other factors like your experience and your skills will have an impact on how much money you earn.

8. PPC Expert/ PPC Manager jobs

PPC (pay-per-click) experts are a crucial component for a proper marketing strategy of an ecommerce business. Here are all the requirements and expectations related to this job.

Job description: As the title suggests, PPC experts need to be knowledgeable on pay-per-click internet marketing campaigns, which often includes keyword research, being responsible for the landing page design, analysing ad performance, and reporting results.

Job requirements: PPC experts are usually required to have previous working experience, although this depends on the company you’re applying at. You will need to be extremely organised, creative, and have great communication and time management skills, as well as problem-solving abilities.  

Salary: as a PPC expert, your average salary will be around RM5,000 per month. Some companies will be willing to pay more if you have previous experience.

9. Ecommerce product manager jobs

If you like online shopping, improving the quality of products, and satisfying your customers to the best of your ability, then you will definitely like this ecommerce job position. 

Job description: typically, ecommerce product managers are asked to keep track of product optimisation and development, create new pages and features, and fix any technical issues that might arise. Team coordination and management can also be included in the job description.

Job requirements: employers usually prefer candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science or a similar field. Being able to work in a team is one of the most important requirements for this job. Having knowledge of cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, Azure, and others is crucial. Other tools and apps you need to have knowledge of include Google Analytics, Trello, Jira, Pendo, and ProductPlan.

Salary: the monthly average salary for ecommerce product managers is RM10,000

10. Marketing specialist/  Marketing manager jobs

Marketing specialists or marketing managers are crucial for the success of any ecommerce business.

Job description: as the job title says, marketing specialists are assigned to develop and manage various marketing programs across many apps and channels. You need to constantly keep up with trends and developments in order to execute the best marketing strategies for your business.

Job requirements: having a Bachelor’s degree and working experience is usually preferred for any marketing specialist candidate. On top of that, you will need to have remarkable communication and analytical skills. Having knowledge of Google Analytics, Marketo, Buffer, Evernote, and similar apps and platforms is extremely important as well.

Salary: the monthly average salary for a marketing specialist is approximately RM7,000, but the number will depend on your skillset and your working experience. 


Ecommerce jobs are diverse in nature, so many people with different kinds of skills and experience levels can find one that’s suitable for them. Some ecommerce jobs do require Bachelor’s degrees in selected fields, but there are a couple of job opportunities that don’t require you to have a university degree. If you don’t want to commit to a job just yet, but you are interested in being a part of an ecommerce company, then looking for internships is a great way to gain experience in the field of your interest.

We hope you found our ecommerce jobs guide helpful and informative. There are plenty of jobs that available on Jobstore.com, you can start to search your favour jobs today.

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