Do You Have these X-Factors to Advance Your Career?

Do You Have these X-Factors to Advance Your Career?

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It is surprising to us how many people assume that the longer they work in a company, the more likely they will climb up the career ladder. Well, loyalty doesn’t necessarily warrant one’s career advancement. It takes both hard work and devotion to achieve success in the corporate world.

More and more millennials have accomplished tremendous success despite their limited years of professional experience. Yes, they may have been in the workforce for a shorter amount of time than that of the senior professionals, but these young people possess the qualities that make them the “X-Factor”.

So establish the right mindset and attitude at work today if you want to become the front-runner in the job market tomorrow.

Here are the ‘anatomies’ of a highly desired employee:

Likeable personality

Just to make it clear, this is not about changing who you are as a person just to fit in a corporate culture. It’s more about learning how to collaborate with your colleagues to achieve the business goals. Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, it’s possible to connect with everyone professionally despite the individual differences. You just have to learn to listen to understand others’ point of view on a certain matter instead of judging them (subconsciously, we all do). 

Here are what we should keep in mind:

  • Positivity is contagious, so think positively (don’t take anything too serious).
  • Mindfulness is the essence of effective communication skills.
  • Genuine kindness should come from the heart, don’t fake or force it. 
  • Judgment about people is a sign of vulnerability.

Willingness to learn 

No matter what age you are, it is important to nurture the thirst for knowledge, especially for your personal development. We cannot stress this enough that learning never stops. If you don’t actively seek new challenges to gain knowledge, by the time you realise it, you would have already been left behind by your peers.

Most companies have internal development programs that you can take advantage of. If your employer doesn’t provide training, no worries, you can still take up online or part-time courses or even teach yourself new skills. There are countless ways to expand your knowledge as long as you put your mind into it. And one of which is reading. 

Determination to pursue your passion

Do you have your career path planned out? Do you know exactly what your goals are?

We find it strange that many people have very little ideas of their own desires. Perhaps, it’s because a conventional career trajectory has been instilled in many people when they were young, and that the purpose of having a job is just to make a living.  

The impact of passion in your career is significant. Not only does it keep you motivated every day, it also helps to fulfil your life. That’s why many hiring managers ask their candidates questions like: “How do you see yourself in the next 5 years?” or “What do you want to achieve from this position?”.

Flexibility to take on new tasks

If you have the capability to wear many hats, don’t hesitate to showcase them all. Multitasking ability is especially desirable in many startups. The nature of a startup environment (read: a tiny team with a big mission) requires any leader to be the Jack of all trades. However, before working on an unfamiliar project (that is beyond your expertise), make sure that you have sufficient understanding of the subject first.

A rule of thumb is to prepare yourself for the challenges at work. There are many professional fields that relate to each other (for example, marketing and sales). Which means you can take the initiatives to acquire additional skills from either your colleagues or on your own to become a well-rounded employee. Unless you are unable to fit extra tasks into your schedule, try to be flexible when it comes to adjusting your responsibilities at work.

Ability to work independently

If you desire to become a leader, you should be comfortable and be able to work under little to no supervision. In order to gain more authority in your team, don’t be afraid to volunteer for a new project. From those opportunities, you can prove to your managers what you are capable of, especially with organisational skills, problem-solving skill, and reliable decision making. Proactiveness will also help to boost your career advancement more effectively.

Take action now and start shaping the attitudes to become the “X-factor” in your company and accomplish your goals!

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