5 ways to find your passion

5 Ways to Find Your Passion

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Most people aspire to have a career according to their passion or interest. The reason is, working with passion will make us enjoy work more than doing it by force.

However, not everyone has that opportunity. According to Harvard Business Review, the problem of finding a job according to passion has been an issue that has been frequently discussed for a long time.

Passion is fundamental in determining a person’s direction in choosing the competence field to practice. Also, passion will make someone happy to study the desired area.

5 Way to Find Your Passion

Here are 5 things you can do to be able to recognize your own passion:

1. Remembering things that make you happy

Remembering what makes you happy is very important for everyone in recognizing your passion. Your passion can make you feel excited, content, and happy, so it could be an interest that must be occupied.

2. Know your strengths

Every human being is born with their own specialties. Whether you realize it or not, almost everyone has talent in different fields. We need to know our abilities in certain fields to find these talents. In addition, we also need to explore our own potential to be developed.

3. Remembering the things you liked most as a child

When we were small, we often became visionary human beings by instilling many dreams that we wanted to realize. But over time, sometimes, these dreams start to fade and disappear. Remembering what you liked most as a child can be one way to find a passion that you want to pursue.

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4. Never give up

In general, passion is often found when we keep trying new things or pursuing a field with various obstacles. With persistence and an unyielding attitude, we will find the things that we love. In addition, a persistent attitude is also very important to shape one’s character.

5. Reflect on work

Few people who are already working feel they have not found their interests. As a result, most do not feel happy while doing their job. Therefore, we need to pause and reflect on the work we are currently pursuing.

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