Bad SPM Results? Here’s What You Can Do!

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Having bad SPM results does not decide your future. It is best to follow your interests and gut instincts when making decisions. Are you at a loss for what to do? Here are some alternatives!

Don’t worry if your results are not what you expected. Here are some things you can do:

Appeal to recheck your grades

Malaysian students know they have to meet specific standards to get into the university they want to attend. You can ask for your grades to be changed and have your test paper remarked. But remember that you have to pay RM100 per paper for this. After you’ve done this, all you can do is keep your fingers crossed.

Not sure how to appeal? Here’s how to do it:

1. Fill up this form: Borang Permohonan Penyemakan Semula Keputusan Peperiksaan/Kes

2. Attach a copy of your official and verified SPM result.

3. Attach 1 verified copy of your Pentaksiran Berdasarkan Sekolah (PBS) or school-based assessments from your school principal or Pegawai Kerajaan Kumpulan A.

4. Put the finished form in an envelope and send it to:

Lembaga Peperiksaan Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia Aras 8, Blok E11 Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan 62604 PUTRAJAYA. (Unit SPM, U.P.)

5. Write¬†“SEMAK SEMULA SPM/RECHECK SPM PAPER”¬†in the top left corner of the envelope.

6. Attach two self-addressed envelopes that are 11 cm x 22 cm and have an RM1.00 stamp.

  • Applications that don’t use this¬†form¬†won’t be taken into consideration.
  • Forms that aren’t complete will not be returned.
  • The application deadline is 30 days after the test results are made public.
  • The date of the review decision is two months after the last day to apply. You can read the rules¬†here¬†to find out more.

Retake the exam

You can retake your papers if you want to get better grades.

Find out how to retake the SPM paper in specific subjects:

1. Register yourself as an SPM Ulangan Candidate at Lembaga Peperiksaan Malaysia website

2. Choose the papers that you want to take again. Again, this has costs that depend on how many subjects you take. The papers you can take again may change annually, so keep up with what the Ministry of Education says.

3. Pick the place where you can retake your SPM exam. You have to pick an area that is in your state and district. After choosing your state and district, you’ll be given a list of exam centers that haven’t yet reached their full capacity.

4. Before you click “Send,” check your information and ensure everything is correct. Read the rules and check the box at the bottom of the page.

5. Print out your¬†Senarai Semak Pendaftaran¬†and registration¬†Kenyataan Semakan¬†(summary statement). Make sure that everything is done right. If you want to make changes, you must pay RM30 per subject within a specific set of dates. You can’t change anything else after that. All payments are non-refundable.

Send your papers to Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri / Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah. You need to bring the following papers with you:

  • One (1) printed copy of your¬†Senarai Semak Pendaftaran
  • Three (3) copies of your¬†Kenyataan Semakan
  • One (1) copy of a confirmed ID (IC, passport)
  • Make the payment in cash, a bank draft, or postal cash made out to¬†Akauntan Negara Malaysia
  • Four copies of A5-sized pre-paid¬†Pos Laju¬†or Express Post envelopes

NOTE: You usually have two to three weeks after you get your SPM results to sign up for SPM Ulangan.

Get a diploma or certificate

Did you know that you only need at least 3 credits for SPM if you want to take a diploma course? Getting into a bachelor’s degree program can be hard, so a diploma might be a better choice for you. You can still get into the degree program of your choice after you finish your diploma study.

Usually, you only need one credit and a pass in Bahasa Malaysia and History to get a certificate. With a certificate, you can get a diploma and then move on to a degree study.

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Start working

Not everyone wants to go to college or university. There are a lot of jobs and businesses that will hire people with an SPM certificate. Jobs like customer service, clerk, office manager, kindergarten teacher, and more.

You can make money by offering services if you have useful skills like photography, writing, video editing, and other creative and technical skills. This is freelancing, which is when you trade your skills for money.

It’s fine if you want to get a job. You can decide when you are ready to go to college when you are ready. People in their 30s are getting their first education. When it comes to learning, age doesn’t matter.

If you are set to start your career journey, head over to and find your next job opportunity.

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