3 Job Scams to Watch Out For

3 Job Scams to Watch Out For

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Job scams often involve fake job postings on social media and job sites you can’t trust that offer high-paying jobs. People may also get unwanted text messages or messages that provide jobs that don’t exist. Job scammers will ask their victims for personal information, like their phone number, or to send or move a small amount of money to get a fake interview or more information about fake jobs.

Here are 3 ways job scams can reach job seekers:

1. Fake work listings

Watch out for job postings on different sites that don’t come from official sources. Other red flags include job descriptions that look made up, missing contact information, or wrong salary range information.

3 Job Scams to Watch Out For

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2. Emails

Watch out for hacking scams that happen through email. Scammers sometimes send fake emails with links that, when clicked, let malware into your device. This can make your device or network unsafe, affecting your safety and personal information. Again, watch for official emails, sketchy links, and other warning signs.

3. Social media

Most of the time, this would happen on LinkedIn, but sites like Facebook are also used by recruiters (and scammers) to find people to work for them. It’s a good idea to look at an account’s common links and history and to be careful about what personal information you share online.

In the end, job scams hurt employers and employees, and both need to spot and report fake forms as soon as possible.

How to report job scams?

If you’ve seen a fake job posting on a messaging app or social media site, gotten a fake job offer in an email or a fake job opportunity from a person or organization, also if you’ve been a victim of one of these job scams, you should report it to the local police right away.

Report it to the officials in your area. So you can help to spread the word about job scams and keep your family and friends from falling for them. Please notify the local cops of everything you know about this, such as:

  • Sender’s name and how to reach them.
  • A copy of the fake job ad.
  • Your conversation history with the person or company.
  • Sender’s bank account information.
  • If payment has already been made, the details of how it was sent.

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