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Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking because now, you will need to introduce yourself to your colleagues. For those with beginner jitters, it could be extremely hard to introduce yourself without being awkward but here are tips that could help you:


  1. Ask Questions

You can start by asking your coworkers general questions after introducing yourself. By also asking questions about them, it can help establish a two-way conversation and build a connection with them. It’s better to stick to work-related topics only as it is the first time you are talking to them. For example, how long have they been working here or how they commute to work every day. You can ask more specific questions after you’ve gotten to know them. 

2. Match Your Tone To Your Company’s Culture

Whether your company’s culture is relaxed or formal, always remember to include your name and job title in your introductions. In addition, the way you introduce yourself could also depend on what role you have and with whom you are speaking. If you are the manager, then you should respectfully introduce yourself because this could help gain your team’s respect and be seen as a leader. 

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3. Use Positive Language

Whenever you introduce yourself either to your superiors or to your colleagues, make sure to always introduce yourself using positive language and avoid using any negative connotations. For example, you can say “I’m excited to be here and will make sure to try my hardest.”. This is your chance to leave a positive impression on your colleagues. 

4. Take Advantage Of Your Company’s Orientation Program

Orientation is one of the best times for you to go around and introduce yourself. The person showing you around will most likely bring you to other colleagues so when that happens, you can get to know people as well. Usually, you will be meeting your team members, department colleagues and supervisors. 

5. Introduce Yourself To Other Teams

Introducing yourself to other colleagues outside your team can help create a positive atmosphere for everyone. In most cases, you will be working with other teams one day. Therefore, it is important to be on everyone’s good side. For example, “Good morning. I’m Aaron, an engineer in the IT department. Nice to meet you.”

6. Find More Opportunities For Introductions

Finding opportunities for introductions helps you make more friends and connections within your company. If you did not manage to introduce yourself during orientation, fret not, there is still time for you to introduce yourself. 

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